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First day in Eorzea

With everything going on last year, and this year not off to a good start, I figured now was the perfect time to begin my Eorzean journey.

I created a Hyur in my likeness to immerse myself as much as possible in this fantasy world.
My instincts are to go with a physical dps class, since I'm so conditioned by video game protagonists being "the guy with the sword" but I thought I would try something different. I went with the arcanist job because I found the job description compelling and resonates with my scholarly proclivities. Also, I really wanted the cute carbuncle pet!

I was surprised at the generosity of the people I have met thus far. A really nice group of people invited me to their Free Company and helped me out with lots of advice and gear to give me a boost!

Already in 1 day, I was able to reach lvl. 15 so I can do the Heavensturn event.

I can't wait to see where this adventurer's journey will take me!
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