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My First Eorzean Wedding and Discovering Mor Dhona

Yesterday was busy!

Someone was giving out wedding invitations so I seized the opportunity and managed to snag one. The event was loads of fun as it was the perfect mix of silly and serious, and I even made a friend while mingling with the guests. I was super stoked to receive the Demon Box and Bridesmoogle minions as party favors, which have some of my two favorite FF creatures -- Spriggans and Moogles.

After the event, I went back to MSQ which led me to the breathtaking new area of Mor Dhona. Little did I know there was a big surprise waiting here. My jaw almost dropped when I stumbled upon Yoshi-P's Wandering Minstrel NPC sitting casually at the bar!
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Mobi Pinuno

Coeurl (Crystal)

Cute pictures!
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