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Builder of the Realm

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History - What Brought Me Here

I've posted mostly about my arrival and my experiences so far in the world of Eorzea, but I've yet to really talk about what my origins are or where I hail from; it's about time I gave a small summary on that...

I am Omash-Mi d'Gulgotha; I am the speaker of Gulgotha, God of Death and Patron Deity of Necromancy. My kind are known as Elezen here in Eorzea, and on that I shall not argue; we have a strong link to our environmental origins, and in that both realms I have now traversed ring true.

I hail from Anestoril, a world consisting of eight separate kingdoms that vie for power...well, I suppose I should say seven kingdoms now; my homeland Moulder overtook one of the kingdoms and assimilated it, the former kingdom was known as N'urchur, home to the Wildwood Elezen, and another breed known as the Moontouched; many of them did not survive the conquest, and dispersed into other regions of Anestoril to preserve what few of them survived.

If it is not obvious already, my people partake in a more warmonger-like approach when it comes to other kingdoms we disagree with; the disagreements we had with N'urchur eventually led to war, which we won handily, and have benefited from the spoils.

The people of Moulder reside in a swampland, which gives us much concealment from the rest of the continent, but also makes for difficult prosperity; we constantly have to reach out and take what we need to preserve ourselves and eventually expand into territory worthy of settling upon. Many of our people practice the dark arts such as Necromancy and Unholy worship of the Death God, but it is in those practices that we derive strength to persevere; it has served us well since the days of old, and brought many of us back, including myself, from the brink of annihilation. By worshipping and understanding Death itself, you realize your own mortality and understand what it means to be alive and what eventually awaits you once you pass the mortal coil; it prepares us for the glorious hour of our own demise.

So...why have I left such a region to venture into the lands of Eorzea?

Eorzea is rich in the elements, and has much untapped power in regards to the art of Necromancy; I have seen some that have dabbled into the unholy powers, but as of yet there hasn't been much venture into dealing with the dead. Interestingly enough, there are many ancient forms of the arcane that seem to be buried deep within Eorzea's depths, waiting to be unleashed and brought to light; I mean to uncover these, and with my knowledge in the macabre and dark, to usher in a new era among Eorzea, and potentially unlock new forms of magicka that can be brought back to Anestoril for our continued efforts...
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