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So, the first dungeons. Interesting that they're a hard gate for progression. It would make more sense to me if the Smith learn-to-role thing was part of it but for some reason was optional. I let my instincts of running down a corridor and grabbing all the enemies guide me and that proved to work pretty well for the first two dungeons. In the mines there was someone who stopped us and explained a few things, turns out there's actual tactics in one of those fights! A whole fight just for me, a slime and some bombs. Overall the experience was pretty enjoyable and i'm looking foward to hopefully more challenging and diverse dungeons later.

So I took some advise and unlocked Glamour. I'm used to a much different system so I wasted some prisms and dispellers getting to grips with it. I'm pretty happy that once i'm done with my current gear i'll be able to just glamour it back on.

That was pretty much all I had time for, Marauder has just hit level 30 so I understand my job will change to Warrior at some point? Looking foward to that and also think i'll try out one of the more magical jobs at some point.

Things certainly seem to be moving faster than I remember though I'm willing to bet that 40 isn't actually halfway to 80. Most games weight their higher levels more than the lower ones when it comes to total XP so my guess is that the mid-point is somewhere around 60 maybe?

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