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Weekend Workout, Conjuring some Story!

I've been wondering about these strange rock formations. Limsa even has that orange stuff. I don't think it's something I've missed and hopefully will be explained. A remnant of the calamity is my guess. Some kind of weapon or power whose aftereffects still linger. Just a random musing as I journey across the lands.

Levelling conjurer went nicely and now it can handle the story quests. Not quite the same impactful feel of the marauder smashing through enemies... so, good job there! My attacks feel weak and ineffective despite the fact they still get the job done.

I remember when I tried the pugilist (Haven't touched it since) thinking about the combo and stance system and it didn't quite sit right with me. When I'm Marauding I've got some combo moves and hitting them in the right order gives bonuses. The pugilist's first three moves HAVE to be pressed in that order. You don't even get a choice. So aside from creating some kind of artificially complex rotation what is the real difference between being forced to press three buttons in order versus one button three times? Now I can't speak from a place of experience here but I am speaking from first impressions. I would hope that for pugilists there are certain moves and abilities in each of those stances and that you get a chance to stay or move stances as fights and situations change. Maybe it does lead to some elegant dance of some kind? Or maybe it ends in a long string of buttons to be pressed in a very certain order without deviation.

Viera can get headwear?! I thought they just got nothing, this changes everything! That was todays mind-blowing revelation!

I received a quest where I had to disguise myself in order to get some information. The disguise was... lacking. Nevermind that I've been hanging around this camp for a while now but not much looked different even when I went above and beyond to make it look more authentic myself. These little touches like having to change my gear to disguise myself are nice, other games would simply make it an item or spell, and there's almost a tactile (Can I use that word when talking about games?) feel to having to equip different things.

Being disguised as a shepherd has made me wonder about the crafting and gathering jobs. Disciples of the Land and Hand. I've some vague ringing of dire warnings about massive time and money investments, inventories overrun with materials and objects from a discussion with a friend from years ago. It would be nice to have some kind of crafting and gathering but the idea of entire classes for it still seems strange to me. I'm far too used to these things being supplementary to my normal gameplay... to a point, i'm sure we've all been that herbalist who can't stop going for "one last flower" at least once in our lives.

And a showdown with Ifrit! Plus ominous hints of greater powers, all very final fantasy of olde. The Ifrit fight was a little underwhelming and brief but for the first of its kind I won't be too harsh on it. Having to queue for an instance to get out of a cave seems a little harsh though! Taking Thancred's advice I'm going to take some time before I continue. Today was a good session (Two, actually, I got some time in in the morning) and felling Ifrit seems like a good place to break.

Good times.

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R'ehya Lucifura

Ragnarok (Chaos)

The orange stuff and the rock formation have a history indeed.
Won't say much to not spoil you: check out ARR normal raids when you got time ;)
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