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Back from Easter and Climbing to Black

The Adventures of Caiya Farstrider: Thauming a Black Hat

Recharged and Reinvigorated, time to game!

So I dropped the blogging for a little bit. Not intentional! But I don't want to just be waffling for the sake of it. Also life got a little busy over Easter. Somehow, despite current events, I was still busy. It happens I suppose, but anyway back to my time in Eorzea!

My last entry was actually lost due to computer issues, but contained a long ramble about the Conjurer job, healers and me getting to White Mage. Here's the picture that was going to go alongside it:

Caiya obtains the Soul of White Mage. Let true healing begin!

I've been levelling Thaumaturge and the Fire/Ice system seems interesting. The balancing act of flowing back and forth from one element to the other.

"These are powerful magic users? My axe is bigger than three of them!"
I've seen offhand mentions of Black Mage's having burn phases (I think) so i'm guessing that's when you're on the fire side. It would be interesting to me if the Blizzard spells let you move while casting them to further emphasise the different phases and give you a 'mobility window'.

"Slaying a fly demon to teach a lesson in overcoming the odds? Can I use my axe?!"
Hmm, now that I think about it I don't think anything non-instant is castable while moving, I guess that's not how FFXIV works.

I'm not sure I understand the Materia system. Or, I guess, it would be more accurate to say I'm not sure if I should care at this level. I grabbed a snap of the Materia folks though, so that's a positive.


I've been considering looking for a free company but a hefty dose of social anxiety and a funtasticaly variable schedule make me hesitate. I was standing near the Aetherite in Limsa Lominsa watching the massive crowds and it all seemed strangely quiet. Emotes all over the place for sure but very little talking. It's such a stark comparison to the noise and bustle of the major hubs of my past ventures.

I keep finding myself just pausing to stop and listen. The visuals and music of this game are just wonderful. The idle camera makes leaving the game logged in a pleasant screensaver when I'm doing other things. I wonder if this is why I see so many people standing around?

Tiny floofy monsters live on this hillside. They're adorable!

Anyhow, my plan for the next few days is to unlock the Black Mage and soldier on with the story content. Hopefully won't be a few weeks until I can play again!


Early April 2021 Current Progress of Classes
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R'ehya Lucifura

Ragnarok (Chaos)

Indeed, materia system is very good more at the endgame than at the beggining of a class. It is also required to have some and meld some on craft job quests!
My advice to you is to keep them, let's say one of your servant back at your hometown :) there's a lot of different materia so you'll need space.
You can always sell some if you really need some money, but a roulette gets you 10.000 gils so... it's better to keep them and then use them when the time comes!
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