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First Day of Blogging

Wow... What can I say? I'm just in love with this community, this game and everything SE is about. I can't believe I can now blog as well. I've always wanted to start blogging but could never figure out how I wanted to go about it. Im medically retired from the Army. So all I do is play FFXIV now. Ughhhh! it's just so amazing to have this feeling of gaming again. I never really had fun playing other games. Even WoW was becoming so stale and the content released is soooooo boring. Final Fantasy story is so deep. I mean even the side missions have me traveling all over the place and pondering how to achieve the next step. Ive finally reached Havensward.
As my first day of blogging. I wanna go ahead and make this a routine every 2-3 days! If anyone ever sees this. Hello! Thank you for joining me on my journey. Follow my stream on Twitch!
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