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Airships, glamour and toilet in the forest.

Hi dears!

Yesterday I took a trip by airship! Suddenly and without warning... Well, I'm sure they warned me, but while they were talking to me, I kept my eyes fixed on infinity... You know, that "echo" thing is very cool for important things, but from time to time I make eye contact with whoever passes by and I begin to see in flashback how he makes food, scratches his ear, goes to the toilet, doesn't wash his hands... A tremendous pain in the neck, because there are things that are worth seeing, but there are others that... no. And I am pure, joyful... These visions are going to take me to the dark side and I am a Seeker of the Sun, of-the-Sun.

A moment of thinking aloud, my girls have to support me here. Do you know what it's like to go to the toilet in the middle of Gridania forests? You can't even be sure that the tree you're standing under isn't going to kick you with your pants at your ankles. By the way, I clean myself with a Regen casting, I don't know how do you do that...

So, they put me on the ship and we took off without further ado. That, definitely, can be improved, because I have half died just falling through a crack from being distracted... And I fall a lot! Sometimes I have to go see a woman in Camp Tranquil and she usually stays on a rock that you have to jump to and I forget continually, so I have to go back up again and again. Anyway, back to the topic... Let's see, what is that bending down so as not to fall? Can't they put up a railing? In a world where eeeeeeeverything wants to kill you, has anyone ever thought of trying to prevent passengers from falling overboard? I will have to weave a harness.

So they took me to a place to fight this green butterfly that screamed like crazy. It wasn't one of my best trips. between that of the carriage and the free fall into the sea that almost killed me, but it has its point. If it hadn't been for the cool color my clothes reflected, a golden red, veeeeery cute, there, it would have been a moderate day... And I had a bad experience recently: I ran out of Glamor Prisms! Can you believe it?

I didn't realize it, I thought they would never run out... And I ended up looking like a homeless... Well, in fact, I am a homeless now that I think about that; maybe I would have to go to my Free company to ask for a rental or something. Of course, I couldn't continue around with my level minus 20 weaver gear, now that I do these quests too, so I tried to make my new port stevedore-wall painter style fashionable, but it didn't work, even with my cute red beret on.
Fortunately, I have a feline guardian angel, who is a love and a star and takes care of me and has prevented my head from going off and ending up weaving toilet paper at the entrance to Ul'Dha.

Well, I have to leave you for now; I have decided to go visit some of the best views of Eorzea. I'll tell you about it!

Kisses, Venkers!

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Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

"By the way, I clean myself with a Regen casting, I don't know how do you do that..."
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