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Super nice guy

So I only started playing like two weeks ago and I've met some SUPER nice people, but yesterday I found the creme de la creme of nice players. So basically I was doing a dungeon for one of the mq, made a few mistakes, walked down the wrong pathway, that's beside the point. Once we got to the final boss my game just instantly crashed... I felt worse for my team since I was the tank, but luckily they were able to manage. I had no idea what would happen once I logged back in so I started preparing for the worse, but to my luck, I logged back into the dungeon with the boss being super dead and only one player still in there. I wrote my sincerest apologies and ran for the exit, the second I click it the guy responds with "I stood to make sure you got your rewards :)". My jaw fell, I wanted to respond but I already clicked on the exit which started a cinematic. Once it finished I tried to respond to this kind person but they had already logged out, but if you out there kind person. THX
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