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Twitch Important Practical Goal, also Milestone

Sup all, Happy Sunday Funday. I've been a Positive CC on Twitch | All of my other Social Medias for 1,110 Days since 6/2/21 or June 2, 2021. I've networked on all of my Social Medias Everyday | Raided other Twitch CC with Positive Vibes | Streamed everyday since the beginning of my journey as a Positive CC. My Twitch is :

I Twitch Stream | I make Content on all of my other Social Medias to make other People Laugh | Smile & more. Your Boy Matsui has Incredible Originality | I share my Phenomenal Passion of Video Games + Other EPIC | Supreme Topics with all everyday on Twitch without missing a Twitch Stream Day. | Your Boy Matsui is Extremely Talented & more.

All of my Content on my Twitch | All of my other Social Medias is : Engaging | Entertaining | Epic | Fam-Friendly | Fun | Glorious | Interactive | Interesting | Magical | Original | Supreme | Top-Tier & more.

My Schedule is Everyday Twitch Stream : Morning Twitch Stream my time. It could be different time for other people.

Start Time Depends on Video Game Maintenance + More things. It could be even earlier or later sometimes do things I've to do. PepeLaugh

Start Time : Around like : 2:00 am pdt - 5:00 am pdt

5:00 am est - 8:00 am est

6:00 pm South Korea Time - 9:00 pm South Korea Time

4 weeks ago or so I've lost like 7 or so followers from Stagnant 496 Twitch Followers back to Stagnant 489 Twitch Followers since The Other Day. This makes me Sad & Unappreciated a lot. I didn't deserve the unfollows as a Positive CC. I always welcome all with positive vibes + do good deeds everyday | positive things everyday. I don't want to be the only chatter never again. I never ignore Twitch Chat. I never F4F.

I want + wish to reach my important practical goal | important practical milestone :

500 Twitch Followers for Today's Goal. 2,900 Twitch Followers for June 2024 Goal. 1,000,000 Followers + for 2024 Important Practical Milestone. Please & Ty.

I want + wish to reach my important practical milestone : Twitch Partner | Twitch Ambassador before Summer 2024 or this year. Please & Ty.

I want + wish to have an Active Friendly Fan Base Community | Village consisting of : 10 + | Or 50 + | Or 75 + | Or 100 + | Or 1k + | Or 10k + People being active at chatting + active at viewing the entire Twitch Stream from beginning to end Everyday. Please & Ty.

I play + stream FFXIV. Soon to be a Variety VTuber : BDO | Lost Ark | Other Korean Games | Other JRPG/MMO/RPG | Pokemon | Apex | Overwatch 2 | Valorant | Hogwarts Legacy | Many Games.
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