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FFXIV 2022 Challenge - Prompt 14: Attrition

Dear Diary,

Today while wandering the streets o'Goblet coming back from the marketplace, I noticed something. The once bumpy nodules o'the cobblestones had worn flat in many places.

Whether from boot soles or hooves or talons or wheels or any manner of transport, I do not know. But, a constant, endless, and unrelenting force has filed down once-proud domes of stone into naught more than flat and submissive parchment unfurled upon the roadway.

Gone are the pudgy breasts of cobble and only smooth hewn stone remained.

How many folks have walked where I now walked? How many stories could these stones share, should
they be able to form words? And just how long did it take for beautiful peaks and valleys to be worn to a state of placidity?


#FFxivWrite2022, #FFxivWrite
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