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FFXIV housing what....

What.... How can you lose to the number 0?

Why would the minimum value be 0...? How can one be the only participant and have only a 50/50 chance?

Attached is an image link. It is completely safe, I am just unsure how to embed it into here:

This is my friend's plot.
Comments (3)

Khira Vipav

Zalera [Crystal]

same thing happened to me. Waiting to hear back on the ticket I submitted for it

Faran Fairbrook

Zurvan [Materia]

I know the pain, same happened on our FC plot bid. Current theories are that the emergency maintenance messed with any bids made before it, but we'll see. for now, don't take the refund, maybe it'll be fixed soon

Cinnamon Bitter'telm

Behemoth [Primal]

Same thing happened over here. :c
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