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World Lala Day (WLD) 2024 on Materia!!

Today is the World Lala Day of 2024, the first time such an event has been organised internationally!

We all had great fun at a gigantic parade of tiny proportions ✨
It took place in Sephirot, a world in the Materia DC in Oceania! I was able to travel there, thanks to the cross-region data center travel currently available for Materia DC from everywhere!

I got acquainted with a group of Lalafell from the Japanese DCs. Thank you for giving me a cool Coronal Straw Hat! I wore it during the parade with my outfit, as did many others. Thank you again for your friendliness, you are very kind & considerate!

One of many screenshots of Lalafell in the parade!

After that, the EU organisers had planned a glamour contest, where Lalafell of all regions could take part in their finest Spring themed glams!

The Spring glamour contest by EU organisers was very fun to participate in!

A huge thank you to the all event organisers from all data center regions (North America, my home Europe, Japan and Oceania)!! You are all awesome for doing this!!

My Lala character's glam used for the glamour contest earlier. She's as happy as can be!

Additional huge thank you for Square-Enix & Creative Business Unit III for making it possible to travel to the Oceanian (Materia) worlds from all across the globe!

In my opinion, events such as this show that for connecting people from all over the world, we would like to have cross-region data center travel available in the future as well, please!
Comments (3)

Ottilie Gemma

Malboro [Crystal]

my favorite kind of parade

Gliss Gliss

Goblin [Crystal]

Whaaa, how does I miss such and event ! I'm glad lots shows up and has a great time. Yay Lala Day !

Rurui Calmia

Phantom [Chaos]

how nice, sadly I only found out about this right now.. but still awesome to see so many lalas gathering for a special day!

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