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Tragg Mad Journal part 4

It's been awhile since I blogged. I haven't done much with tragg except a little bit of msq. I started playing on my old main Luke. At first I story skipped to heavensward. I wanted to check out machinist so I played with the job quests. I actually like it pretty well.

After they announced island sanctuary was going to be locked on completion of 6.0, I decided to just story skip again so I can unlock it quicker. It'll take me a long time to finish Tragg and I really want to play the island. I'm enjoying endwalker and I can tell the game evolved alot. I don't know if I will take tragg through endwalker, I guess it depends if I get to that before the next expansion. But once I get Luke to the island. I'll resume on tragg. Also. I've been changing traggs looks. I originally changed it because I want to be able to wear a hat but now I'm thinking about reverting back. I kinda missed the hrothgar look.

Also I bidded on a small house, I don't think ill get lucky but we'll see.

Luke doesn't have the 2nd lieutenant unlocked yet so i used tragg to bid. I don't feel like grinding on seals with Luke yet. Well that is all. I may resume a little blogging on Luke's blog.

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