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Blue Mage Guide 5.15

Alpine Draft - Final boss in dusk vigil, or the griffins NE corner of Sea of Clouds

Protean Wave - Living Liquid in Alexander arm of the father. Act 2 of Masked Carnival 29.

Northerlies - Lone or Slate Yeti in Coerthas Western Highlands. found near the big cave where the epic fate spawns.

Electrogenesis - Condodonts in Sea of Clouds. Look for the ponds of water on the south end.

Kalstrahl - Fist of the Father, Faust, can't miss him.

Abyssal Transfixition - Final boss's void call add in Great Gubal Library. second boss of Haukke Manor, or Necrogolos leve in hinterlands picked up from Foundation.

Chirp - Paissa in Sea of Clouds. Owl looking A rank in Hinterlands

Eerie Soundwave - Empuse in Azys Lla, NE island. Second boss of Lost City of Amdapor

Pom Cure - Thornmarch. furryfoot. the fist wave counts as a kill if you don't want to run the full fight.

Gobskin - A rank goblin in Hinterlands or trash pull in Alexander breath of the creator.

Magic Hammer - Trash before final boss in Gubal Library Hard or final fight in Masked Carnival 24.

Avail - The Queen Hawk in Saint Mocianne's Arboretum, second boss.

Frog Legs - Poroggo in the north east caves of Hinterlands.

Sonic Boom - Sea of clouds, Anzu South East island of Sea of Clouds

Whistle - Dhalmels in Sea of Clouds. Also trash before final boss in Neverreap.

White Knight's Tour - The vault, before and after second boss.

Black Knight's Tour - The Vault, before and after second boss.

Level 5 Death - Page 64 in Gubal Library. Must have a level 60 in group. Move around a corner to break Line of sight.

Launcher - Armored Weapon, second bosss of Baelsar's Wall

Perpetual Ray - Alexander Alexander Burden of the Father. Burden of Son first phase also uses it, but second form uses J-Kick. Not sure if killing Onslaught counts as a separate kill.

Cactguard - Add in second boss of Temple of Qarn Hard Mode.

Revenge Blast - Whalaqee Totem. (Not sure what unlocked this, it was available for me when I talked to NPC, having finished original Masked Carnival and collected all spells from ARR)

Angel Whisper - Walaqee Totem. Complete all new Masked carnival fights.

Exuvation - Abalathian Warmoura south of Ok Zundu in Sea of Clouds. You must have another target near the mob that is hurt to make it use it.

Reflux - Aery first boss, or Churning Mists Cloud Wyverns on a hill on East side.

Devour - Caduceus in Coil Turn 1, or the first boss in Lost City of Amdapor.

Condensed Libra - Gubal Library Hard Mode, trash mobs before final boss or masked carnival 24 second act.

Aetherial Mimicry - Pharos Sirius Hard Mode, first boss adds.

Surpanakha - Ravana HM works

Quasar - Sophia HM works

J Kick - Alexander the burden of the son.


Learn Aetherial Mimicry as soon as you are 60. this will allow you to fill the roles of tank, healer, or dedicated dps.

You must be alive to learn the skill. if you die on a boss in a dungeon and no one has a raise. pop back to entrance, you can still learn as long as you are alive.

enemy must use skill.

a sync'd group will learn 100% of the time.

if the entire party consists of blue mages in a sync'd encounter, it will be added to the log.

Enter duties as either aetherial mimicking a tank or healer. if there is a need to dps, you can mimic any blue mage. Note: a blue mage set to healer or tank will only grant you dps if you mimic them because of role icon.

When looking for groups, stand in a populated area where you can find tanks and healers to mimic easily.

Hope this helps someone somewhere.

Comments (7)

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

Thank you for the mimic information :) Something I have to look at once 60.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

❤️ ember yus yus

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Great timing, I am in the middle of doing this. It will be a big help.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Exuvation - Abalathian Warmoura south of Ok Zundu in Sea of Clouds. You must have another target near the mob that is hurt to make it use it.

Thank you SOOO much for this, I could NOT figure out how to make the damn thing USE it! AGGGH!

Arcanua Nighte

Midgardsormr (Aether)

With Pom Cure it you're better off doing the whole fight since phase 2 can also give the spell in case the first wave he doesn't give the spell to you. Thanks for the detailed guide ^^

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

For the 55 - Abyssal Transfixition, I strongly recommend Haukke Manor (Hard). The Library option is a bit more challenging.

I complete the whole set but the 72 (I have to finish the Masked Carnival for that)

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Fantastic guide.
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