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Hmm... Gardening Enthusiasts??

Can I join a FC just to get access to a garden?

I'm feeling quite flustered at the limitations of my apartment :( I've made some pretty nice furniture and its beginning to come together.
But I'm just so stressed that I can't have a garden!
And no in apartment storage ?_? What's that about????

All my homes sport a room full of chests! The retainer storage system is frustrating.

Any storage tips??
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Kupo Warkson

Siren [Aether]

I doubt an FC is just going to let you join and immediately let you use their garden.

Retainers and chocobo saddlebag are the only ways to store things. The only way to make it less annoying is going into the character configuration, and in the item settings tab turning the inventory interface/retainer inventory interface settings to "open all".
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