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After the kidnappings

So some serious stuff went down this past week diary. Like SERIOUS stuff.

For one, we found the culprits in the kidnapping incidents, but weirder still, gaius and I each found crystals, and talked to "the mother crystal." People keep telling me it's some crazy "chosen one" situation from the old fairy tales.

Why the hell would the mother crystal want me of all people to help?? I'm just some ex delinquint scholar?? I don't get it but if she says I'm chosen, I guess I'm chosen.

Either way Gaius and I went ahead and moved on from the situation, took a lil vacation out in Ul-dah. It was a rough week and we needed some damn good downtime. I think it helped with him opening up too. He's still not to talkative but I think he's getting better, maybe??

Met a delightful woman who gave us a bunch of glamour magic though, so now our armour looks slick as all hell.

After that we went back to gridania to find some work, met a lancer by the name of Foregoth. He's a strange little Au ru, but all around a competant fighter. Gaius and I both agreed that it would be a good idea to have him on board.

Also, lately I've even been thinking, if our little group of delinquints grows even more, maybe we can make a free company! I even have a name picked out for us, "The Black Rose!"

Gaius and I were pretty bad outcasts where we came from, and I want to create a company that welcomes those types. Bring me the weirdos, the accused, the freaks! We'll band together and take on the world!

Well that's about all that's happened thus far diary, I'll keep you updated as it comes. I'm off to do some Leves for some folks down at the mills. See you next week or something I dunno.
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