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Spiswel Gwennardec

Shiva (Light)

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Display Attributes


Midlander / ♂


6th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon


Nymeia, the Spinner


Limsa Lominsa

Grand Company

Maelstrom / Storm Captain



Offensive Properties

Critical Hit Rate3345
Direct Hit Rate380

Defensive Properties

Magic Defense5910

Physical Properties

Attack Power172
Skill Speed380

Mental Properties

Attack Magic Potency5164
Healing Magic Potency5164
Spell Speed1490




  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 60
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • 80
  • HP

  • MP


Character Profile

Spiswel Dreist Gwennardec is an introverted, eerie-looking person, blessed with empathy and loyalty yet cursed with anxiety and constant existential dread.
Extremely proficient in the arts of magic, he lacks greatly in stamina or sheer physical strength, making him a poor fighter but a prodigious magician.

Posessing certain knowledge and memories from his "life" before the Calamity, he has to this day never spoken of them.
Once a simple adventurer resigned to a life of anonimity among many others, Spiswel gained fame against his best wishes, developping an affinity with the reborn art of summoning unlike any man of his era. Dragged relentlessly by the fateful string of History from then on, he was to be involved in the realm's most important events.

After defeating and attuning with the power of the Dreadwyrm Bahamut , his physical condition drastically worsened, bringing constant massive physical changes on his person and an ever heightening sensitivity to aether and eikonic energy.

Set on a journey through Dravania and ever slaying more primals, Spiswel was deeply affected by the loss of his beloved companion Haurchefant Greystone and then of Ysayle Iceheart after being thrown in the midst of a war against dragonkind he never wished to partake in.
Midgardsormr's guidance and his revenge over the Knights of the Heavens'Ward gave him newfound courage, and made him accept his inevitable fate as a Warrior of Light. Though harsh the path had been, he eventually faced and defeated Nidhogg in battle, helping Ishgard usher in a new era of peace with the Dravanians.

His worries would only return later in the form of the Warriors of Darkness, as well as the truths they brought into light with them. How different, yet similarly cursed are they who were chosen by the Gods. Taken aback by the Griffin Ilbert's final desesperate scheme, torn between the threat of the Warring Triad and the constant hammer of newer, harsher truths ever coming into light, once more Spiswel faced the battles ahead in the Far East of Othard with uncertainty and hope both...

Acting as the shadowed keystone of the war for liberty in garlean provinces, it was not long before the mad crown prince Zenos Yae Galvus noticed the insignificant-looking Spiswel.

Despite the fame from his status as the Warrior of Light, he yet values his anonimity for as long as it may hold. He is most commonly seen wearing a horned red tiara and a brilliant white coat, a dark cloak with a griffin-shaped hood, or a black loose-wrapped bolero. Surprisingly, there are yet very few people able to describe the man's precise physical features beyond a general "white hair, silver glimmering eyes, short, frail, pale and kind of sicklish".

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