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And you wonder.. why you haven't cleared ep.2

That's right it's your original thicc boi Panda here to bring you another episode of why you haven't cleared yet.

5.1 is out and we have a new ex-trial. Like in expansions past the MSQ final primal has always had above average difficulties compared to most ex-trials, especially the first two. And just like in years past the PF is plaged with people who really should either read up on how to play their class, or should stick to working on glamours in Limsa and erping with the locals. Better yet most of their glamours were trash as well so maybe they would be better uninstalling the game and trying something new like... bingo.

I know, I know this is harsh and even more so I know you will want examples.

Let's start with the basic positioning.

Just like most every fight we have clock positions and then for one mechanic dps need a tank or healer partner. Common sense would have the tank and healers cardinals or inter cards and one group would simply rotate cw or ccw. 75% of my PF groups understood this basic concept and agreed to how much sense it made. However the other 25% didn't. How about having one dps go south cause of trick attack... *O wait that no longer is a positional... but wait your always south so you can't do any other position.* Then we will have the tank come back south for non clock, but for clock he is nw cause that is easy. Then the group will rotate clock wise, except the rdm who is NE because they prefer North, so rather then putting them nw we will just have the west person go east and to be honest I have no idea who was moving where. Cause I'm pretty sure I was south with the ninja cause overlapping fork lightning works so well.

And you wonder why we didn't clear after 3 hours.

How about the 3rd phase with the orb. Hades spawns orbs and does one of two attacks. Either a beam down the center. Which by the way looks like bahumut charging up for a super attack. Even Ray Charles could see this mechanic coming. Or his arms wave. Although this is less noticeable the approach I took is move out when I see the giant ass laser ball spawn or don't if I don't see it spawn. Then he repeats the mechanic only backwards to the way he did it the first time. Holy crap... this stuff is difficult as crap.

Any you wonder why we didn't clear after 3 hours.

Or how about the blm that was doing 5k. That's right fam 5k. You want to know how much damage 5k is. Well my level 70 warrior back last expansion could break over 5k. That's great guy, I'm glad you brought that dps to my group. I know people that do more damage then that dead. Or how about the guy who has so many vuln stacks he gave the other people one just cause they looked at him. *Heard it in Xeno's stream and nearly pissed myself. So don't give me credit for that epic line."

Sad part is that guy cleared. I hope he enjoyed that hard carry.

By time I rolled my happy fat boy ass out of my recliner Saturday to go see a movie I was one salty panda. I was still salty even after I cleared... You got your thicc boi down. I hope PF... I hope you can redeem yourself in the coming weeks. I hope you can restore my faith in the community.

Anyways I love ya fam. Stay salty Lodestone.
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Sol Key

Adamantoise (Aether)

"Even Ray Charles could see that one coming" lmao....ahhhhhh that made my day after spending time waiting for shitty results from doctors.

\thumbsup thicc panda.

Ember Cinder

Faerie (Aether)

Was the BLM an ice mage?

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

And you wonder why I don't go in PF on latest EX in ShB?

Farming Rathalos was a lot more satisfying :)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Poor Panda! I sympathize with you, it's truly puzzling when parties assign odd positions that make little sense. I wish NA could learn from the JP players, and stick to standardized macros.

I enjoyed the practice party with you that day, thanks a ton! o/

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

@Ronove: someone calculated that ice mage in stormblood did over 4k damage. Most dps at this time did 7-8k IIRC.

It depends on how you define ice mage of course (whether you are allowed to use thunder and foul etc). But I felt the moral was that even with suboptimal rotation, good fundamentals such as always casting nonstop and not idling the GCD are a big part of doing good damage.
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