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e1s Drk Mitigation

So here is a little workup for mitigation for e1s from a DRK. Man this kit is super strong the more I play around with it.

Pull- No TBN on the pull.

Eden's Gravity- 75% of HP. Can only be shielded. As a MT this is a very dicey move that is used by Eden. Often times due to healer openers and often MT's are not topped up when this goes out and literally one auto can kill a tank afterward. So here we will hold our TBN on the pre-pull and use it here.

Vice and Virtue *Beam*- Rampart 20% reduction

Spear of Paradise- Living Dead

Vice and Virtue *Tank DOT*- Nebula, Reprisal, Dark Mind 60% reduction plus TBN- 37k shield.

Dimensional Shift- TBN 37k Shield

Dimensional Shift- TBN

Fragor- Reprisal, Dark Missionary

Add Phase- Rampart, plus reprisal and TBN at various points.

Paradise regained- Reprisal

Vice and Virtue *DPS Buddy*- TBN

Delta- Dark Mind

Spear- OT Invul

Dimensional Shift- TBN

Dimensional Shift- Nothing

Gravity- TBN

Will finish later, and will fill in the secondary stuff as well. I'm mocking this up based on a group I ran with earlier. I wanted to fill this out as I used this to cover the major stuff and I want to see where I can effectively add Dark Mind to use on CD.

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