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Market API for going rates of items?

Does anyone know if there will be an API or web based way to check the market? I would love to see something similar to ffxi auction hall, or what EVE online does with market goods. You know, something to research while I was at work.

I supposed I could always do it manually on items in my crafting level.

But it would be helpful to be able to see the moving average, the fluctuation over time, current pricing, and a way to pull aggregate costs to synthase based on market rates of materials. I realize some items may have several levels of synthesized pieces that produce the end item, and the calculation algorithms may be fairly complex. However, at least 1 or two levels deep would be awesome. I could figure out the rest from there.

I feel this would empower the crafters and sellers on the server to know what is needed and make everyone's time more efficient. Plus I am a huge dork and love numbers and being able to look at the economy would be kinda cool.

I did read somewhere that the App in apple's marketplace will contain a pay feature to expose the market boards. I hope this allows me to update my retainers sell list.

If they could incorporate buy orders that would be awesome too. Knowing in advance what people need, and the ability to move items quickly when strapped for gil would be a bonus.

Just my two cents.
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