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Step by step I'm learning

Unlocked Labyrinth of the Ancients today. So I've got that new hell to run now.

Ran 3 dungeons in one day which is a record for me. Didn't take a single screenshot.

I did finally break down and get my own room this weekend. After reading about everyone going broke furnishing theirs I decided that I would decorate mine with only things my retainers bring. Up until this point I've been selling everything they brought for housing. So today they brought me a desk, an Eorzean map (pretty glad that's the first time I got that because I wanted it), and some flowers.

Now sure, I could craft just about anything at this point but I thought it would entertain me more to decorate it with what they can find.

To end the night I went gathering and decided to stop for a moment of reflection.
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The Labyrinth of Ancients is fun and not that difficult you'll get through it just fine! Amazing photos :) lol that seems a lot of fun to do decorate with o ly things they bring you ^.^

Clyde Versallia

Valefor (Gaia)

Oh Great! Does it seem that you are enjoying your adventure?
I'm happy that you had your room!Your retainer is enviable so that it may be very wise. My retainer brings only a fish to me.
What should I do with these fish?
It's troubled by my follower.

Eionas Faijel

Excalibur (Primal)

Looking forward to doing Labyrinth...just need to get the FC together but it's been a busy week.

I read a forum post about how retainers bring back things. The idea was that the loser on dungeon rolls just grabs whatever he can find after stopping for a drink. Makes sense. The other day I got a BLM Moogle weapon followed by a HQ junk fish. *shrug*
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