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Real Life Lalafell

Let me introduce you my illegal child:

Just Kidding. It's my brother's kid. (My Nephew)
Yes, I'm not a lalafell in real life, surprise!!!
I'm an auntie.. Young auntie.

Today is my first time picking up my nephew from his school.. Day care school.
He is about 2 years old, around.

To be honest, when he born I don't really like him very much.
When he born I don't even want to see him at the hospital at all, even when my parents insist.

Cause he reminds me of being a mother and also my terrible childhood memories.
And well.. I'm a bit jealous cause I feel like my baby nephew has a better childhood than I did.
So he has what I missed in my life.
People around me called me a bad daughter for not wanting to see her nephew.

Well, I guess I gradually start to accept him as my nephew,
And see him as like my little brother..
and my mom invited me to pick him up from his class(?).

I enjoy seeing my baby nephew learning pull up.. He looks kind of desperate.. I think.

Oh yea my mom told me that my auntie said this little guy reminds her of me when I was little..
I was like what 🤯😱?!

I watched him attending his little gymnastics class today. My brother never seen him during his class session. So I am honored I get to see him first than anyone else.
My baby nephew literally the chubbiest boy in the day care. I don't see anyone else as fat as he is.. I think. LOL. I enjoyed seeing my baby nephew dancing Hatsune Miku song played in the daycare. Yes, literally they were playing Hatsune Miku song.

He was being taught dancing and doing odd stuff. Well none of my concern. Not my kid.
I still remember when his parents got fever (which my parents so afraid my brother got covid19, that can lead to harm the child)

turns out just some food poisoning.
Anyway.. I remember that day. Taking care of him with my dad when he could barely walk is...
Super pain in the ass

He is like.. a little monster who like to throw everything he see.. and maybe slam it on the floor.
I get tired just looking at him for just one hour.

I told my dad, "dad I surrender."
I feel like trying to beat.. Titan (EXTREME) in ARR.. Little titan ex..

my dad ask how am I gonna be a mother in the future.

Well I don't want to be one. *Runs* .

Well he been bringing happiness to my family, sometimes my dog get jealous when he come over and everyone adore him. It's been fun.

Another news I finally succeed getting my brother's gaming laptop back Orz!!! (It took quite a while to get him give up his gaming laptop for me.) I could play Final Fantasy in North America !!

Banzaiii \\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶//// for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to fight with my parents too, for letting me bring laptop to North America. But I did anyway, I hope I could get back to End walker soon.. I guess =) !

Since I think data travel is allowed in future update, I guess I will stick with tonberry server. Unless I can't keep up with time zone difference. Otherwise so far I have got everything according to plan.
Comments (7)

Bringback Gloryy

Ifrit (Gaia)

awww your Nephew is so adorable !! >w<

Shureii Shosu

Tonberry (Elemental)

Cute lalafel

Himawari Tane

Goblin (Crystal)

He kinda is..

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

"He is like.. a little monster who like to throw everything he see.. and maybe slam it on the floor.
I get tired just looking at him for just one hour"

Sounds like fun?-ish? Maybe?

Himawari Tane

Goblin (Crystal)

Erm.. Depends.

Cherish Ashbel

Faerie (Aether)

Easily one of the cutest lala I’ve seen~! 💕

Himawari Tane

Goblin (Crystal)

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