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The Sins they Burden | 5 | Voyage of Suspicion

Darkness surrounded his eyesight. As he did he could feel a somewhat floating sensation below his feet. Sen remembered this too well, it came and went every night when he was a child. It embraced him with white silowetted hands that covered his eyes and hugged his body. He didn't hear anything only the soft unheard whispers he could barely make out. And everytime he felt like he was being swallowed up. It felt like he should be naked and afraid, but for some reason he wasn't. There was nothing in this place only the feeling as though he was drowning. But the only thing that was there always grasped his hand in the warm blue. Calling him by his name....
"Sen SEN! wake up!"
The meer reconision of Auguste's voice was enough to wake the boy up. Shaking him by the shoulder, and looking at him with consern.
"You doing okay you were looking a little pale." He questioned rather worringly.
Sen rubbed his eyes "I'm fine I just had that dream again."
"While you were sleeping off your sickness? Talk about bad timeing." His friend followed up.
"Its not that much of an issue. Besides I'm all better now and pretty okay at the moment." Sen stretched out his mussles as he did. "Speaking of which where's S'uya?"
Auguste looked upward and pointed upright. "He's on the upper deck."

Sen just shrugged as he stood up, his body feeling a feather lighter in his step. Which actually made him feel normal for once. Every morning he woke up his body felt somewhat heavy, and sluggish which made him feel extreamely tired in the morning. It was definately different for a change. Something he didn't mind at all. It was like a mericle. Almost as if he was in fact cured of the sickness that plagued his entire life. For the first time he felt normal for once with each step on the steps leading to the upper deck his chest didn't labor for a single heave. His mother was always trying to make his life easier for him health wise. But it was a long long process that took her time. She did this up until her disappearence, and he knew that she was doing the best for him. The same for his father, who wanted him not to live the life he lothed so much. And now he was here, going on a journey to find which that was lost. Climbing up the stairs leading to the upper deck. He adjusted his eyes to the light something that he was rather used to doing for the most part. Life wasn't easy when someone like him had to force their way outside. But he made it worth his while what little time he spent outside in his childhood. Mostly staying near that small house far out in the Lomincen countryside. The sturdy maple that stood in front, the creeky wooden porch with a swing, the old water pump, the garden, everything was a nostalgic memory. That was how he met Auguste, the boy happened to be walking around the area. Going on one of his so called 'adventures' that he did when he was younger. Happening upon the pale sickly looking child under the tree. Meeting him was a strike of destiny. Without him he might as well not have come out of his shell. Looking around the outside on the deck he saw S'uya leaning onto the railing seemingly staring at the water below. Seeing vague motions with his hands. Walking up along side the boy he stiked up a conversation.
"Looking into the great wide blue?" He questioned the pomiranate haired boy.
S'uya reacted a little startled "ah! O-Oh yes I never really sailed before. The Sea sure is huge."
Sen smiled as he looked out into the neverending infinate blue. "Yeah it is pretty big."

Sen never really sailed much either. But his mother had plenty of stories of her setting off, and traveling to far off places along with his father.
Beyond these shores Sen. There are places far greater and wilder beyond your imagination. Either they wait just beyond our humble home's shore, or floating in the great blue sky in Agalanita's Spine. Those were the best kinds of stories she had. Even if most of her adventures then were more for perserving history of the old rather than fighting for some purpous. He hoped to go on such things one day, and now he was here. It felt like a dream come true at this point. And even though it was for looking for that 'someone' that was missing for years. He still felt the wonder of finally going into the unknown for the first time, and to him it was the best thing he could ask for. Soon they reeched the docks of Vesper Bay. Hopping off and streching out their limbs. Till their mussles woke to aching stings. The hot air was a bit of a jarring. Which made Sen regret his choice in clothing. But the sentimental value was strong and he didn't want to part with them. Now they just had to make it to the city.
"I'll go buy us some water before we get going." Auguste stated before walking away to one of the buildings.
"Okay I'll be waiting here with S'uya." Sen replied tugging at his scarf to loosen it.
As he did he heard S'uya murmer something under his breath. His voice sounded ominous. Impatient. Bloodthirsty.
"You better hurry you son of a-"
"Is there something wrong S'uya?" he questioned the boy.
"Oh nothing!" He chimed a sickly sweet tone that sounded fake lined his voice.
Sen noticed that something wasn't quite right. It was only now that he began to feel that strange aura from S'uya. Something just didn't sit right on him by the time he was begining to doubt himself. Auguste returned with three canvas flasks of water.
"Back let's get going!" He stated clearly.
As he did S'uya chimed once again.
"Great I felt like I was going to die!"
"Hey don't drink it all damn it we have half an hour's walk before we get to the city!" Auguste harshly chided the boy.

Afterwards they left the hot setting sun. Beating onto them making them near to sweat beads. Sen wasn't used to this weather most of the time. At least at this time of year. What season was it now again? Early Spring? and yet the weather here suggested it was midsummer. Sen never really 'liked' summer. At least the summers that wasn't in his home. La Noscea had fairer weather year round. Summer was warm but the sea breeze lifted the haze's spell away. Making it bearable than most. Ironiclly he was born in the very month started. That being the 2nd sun of the Third Umbral Moon. And yet despite his umbrige with the weather. He didn't seem to hate the season all that much. Made him remember something his father said about his mother once. It was a common story about her late teacher a story she often shared.
Your mother would often pull her own weight. Both figuratively and litterlly. She didn't miss a beat. Whenever I asked her why she'd do such things. She mentioned it being no different from pulling weights up hills during the summer. That's how she decribed life sometimes.
'Like Pulling weights up hills during the summer.' If that's how his mother viewed life then he surely had a long way to go. Still for him it made him think. Where exactly was his hill? And what exactly was his weight? That was something he was still trying to figure out. Yet as they walked sun beading his brow with sweat. He felt as though this was his first leg up the hill. As they continued a bird seemingly circled in the sky. It was now that his mind once again began to fever. Or was it the heat trying to choke him. His body grew heavy as he clutched his head.
"Migrane?" Auguste questioned.
"Y-Yeah..." Sen replied Semi-weakly. "I'll be fine though let's sit down when we get to the next stop okay."
S'uya raised a curious eyebrow on him "what's wrong?"
"Sen get's aeather sick pretty easily. He's pretty much always been like this." Auguste said casually.
As he explained this the bird fell it's wings over them shadowed onto them. Auguste shielding Sen. Suddenly a glint of silver flashed across the Sen's eyes. Striking the wing of the bird puting it down another flash followed hitting it in the throat. It was a vulture the most desperate of creatures. In it wing as it twitched was a small knife a simmilar one stuck out from it's throat.

Sen furrowed his brow in confusion. He knew what a knife looked like knives were used for cutting, throwing and slashing. Yet neither of them used such a weapon. Looking around their eyes fell onto S'uya. Whose look was sharp and dark. Almost like he had the eyes of a murderer. Come to think of it his eyes looked...different mismatched.
"S'uya...?" Sen voice piquing consern.
S'uya's gaze turned back to normal. Almost like a facade that layed over like a deceving mask.
"Huh...oh what is it mister are you feeling better?" He said almost cherrily.
Something wasn't sitting right with Sen about S'uya. Something was telling him that he himself wasn't being completely true about who he was. That being said Auguste composed himself though Sen got the feeling he too was growing rather suspuisous of their new travel compainion.
"I think he's stable enough to walk." Auguste commented rather lowly.
"Okay then let's get going then! I don't want to keep sis waiting." He chimed a little.
Afterwards Sen's elezen friend helped him up to the stablize his feet. The two looked at each other confused. But also somewhat dreading.
"Hey Auguste are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Possibly, but I don't know if that feeling is correct." Auguste expressed to Sen. "If that is the case we need to keep our guard up"
That seemed like the correct thing to do. It seemed as though that was the right thing to do. Eyes sharp weapons at hip. That was one of if no the most important thing to do in such a siduation. It seemed the one named S'uya was leading them into a spiral of possible in not vinicated paranoiya. This adventure started off on a foot of hopefulness and nievety. And now it had shifted on a foot of distrust. Something that seemed to grow slowly and quickly. Either way these two became weary of this child. What or who was he exactly? Who or what was S'uya Tia? Who or what or why was he here? For what exact reason?
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Cleopatra Huntre'moon

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Great read Runa ^^

Klaus Veridian

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Great read Runa
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