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Yoonmaerise Qveille

Malboro [Crystal]

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Seeker of the Sun 🌞

⚜ dedicated for Travis Rahl ⚜

☽☼☾ 𝑀𝒾𝓆𝑜'𝓅𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒶 ☽☼☾

| Seeker of the Sun 🌞 |

☽ Oh my Ra, you’re my soulmate who been pulling on the push gate

☼ I don’t need a million dates you are worth a million dates and days

☾ let’s go home, my Tribe and the Medicine
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Travanchette Augurelt

Zalera [Crystal]

That first line alone is
The symbolism in Ra, god of the sun
(exactly the celestial imagery I'd expect from Yoon's work) and
the bordering on sin and absolution, a realm usually out of reach
for gods and goddesses.

This is art.

Yoonmaerise Qveille

Malboro [Crystal]

@Travanchette thank you for understanding my art 🥹 that means a lot to me
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