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Veridian Shadow 12: The Lightorium Tree

In Doxies Lab

Marlana explained everything that happened and the part where Klaus became half sin eater. Ruvie covered her mouth in shock and Ercus was surprised by this. Doxie was shocked and worried about Klaus.

“Where is he right now?”said Doxie with her goggles over her head.

Marlana took out the Aetherial Glass of time and showed it to her.

“Him and Kawina are in there together training.”said Marlana explaining.

“Oh I see but question has he fully turned into a sin eater?”said Doxie asking Marlana and the others.

Marlana thinks and realized it from the time she saw Klaus’ wings appear on his head.

“Only half for now he’s still the same.”said Marlana explaining.

Doxie sighed in relief then smiled at Marlana and the others.

“Oh thank goodness then theirs still time.”said Doxie smiling.

“Lady Doxie what do you mean?”said Ercus asking her.

“A solution?”said Ruvie wondering.

Doxie gets a cup of tea then went over to her medicine table. Marlana, Giunei, and Lillia was confused by this. Luxius was looking at Doxie’ medicine in curious tone.

“All right well what I need to make is a very potent and powerful elixir that can cure your friends transformation.”said Doxie drinking tea while looking at her notes.

“What ingredients do we need for the medicine?”said Marlana asking Doxie.

“We have two already so we need the other one. “said Doxie explaining to Marlana.

She took out a cup of mortal blood and water then showed it to everyone.

“These are the ones for this medicine I’m gonna create soon.”said Doxie smiling at everyone.

“Mortal blood but, how Miss Doxie?”said Lillia asking her.

“I asked a person from the Nights blessed to give me a blood donation. Actually I did a blood drawn thing for people over there and cure some of them.”said Doxie putting the blood down.

Marlana, Lillia and Giunei smiled at Doxie. Luxius smiled as well but, continued to look at the sky.

“Anyway the final ingredient for this is Light aether.”said Doxie.

Marlana and everyone else was shocked by this. Luxius however, was still looking at the sky.

“Light?! Like primordial light?”said Ercus surprised.

“Lady Doxie that’s dangerous!”said Giunei looking concerned.

“Wouldn’t that amplify the transformation even more?!”said Ruvie worried.

Doxie bursted out laughing out of nowhere.

“Oh my Ronkan berries I was joking everyone.”said Doxie giggling a bit.

“Lady Doxie...”said Ruvie.

“That was a bad jo...”said Ercus.

Doxie punched Ercus out of the tree with force and into other trees.

“Oh my goodness..”said Marlana covering her mouth.

Ruvie covered her mouth in shock. Giunei jaws dropped and Lillia hid behind Marlana. Luxius saw the trees falling down as Ercus got knocked down.

“Now where was I oh yes the final ingredient is not primordial light aether but, the actual light elemental aether.”said Doxie.

“How are we gonna find it Miss Doxie?”said Lillia asking her.

Doxie begins walking to the door. She beckoned everyone to follow her. They went outside and walked to middle of the greatwood to see the primordial light sky.

“Ok now that we’re out here I’ll tell you where to find it.”said Doxie smiling at everyone.

Ercus came back scratching his head and stretching after that punch Doxie gave him. He saw everyone and walked to them.

“Their is a super giant tree full of light aetherial flowers and it’s like a tower.”said Doxie explaining.

“Ohh that sounds easy but, where is it?”said Giunei asking Doxie.

Doxie pointed at the tree far away from Raktika greatwood. Marlana and the others looked at it with amazement.

“By the twelve it’s gigantic like the tower in the Crystarium.”said Lillia amazed.

“Yep that tree is called The Lightorium Tree and it houses the Light aetherial flowers or their name Lightoria camellias.”said Doxie revealing the tree and flower names.

“Those are wonderful names for the tree and flowers. Oh do I see something big on the top of it?”said Marlana looking at the top of the tree.

Luxius took off his helmet and looked at the tree. Lillia saw the top tree and her eyes widen by it.

“Yes what y’all see is a dragon made of primordial light.”said Doxie looking serious.

“A sin eater dragon huh?”said Giunei.

Luxius looked at it with a concerned look. Lillia looked at Luxius with worry in her eyes.

“Is something wrong Luxius?”said Lillia worried about him.

“No but, If you all need the flowers I can fight it.”said Luxius looking at everyone.

Doxie, Ercus and Ruvie looked surprised at Luxius. Marlana and Giunei were surprised as well. Lillia however was worried on Luxius’ decision.

“Are you sure you can handle this Luxius?”said Lillia concerned.

“Yes oh I forgot to tell you all but I fought a huge horde of sin eaters when I first arrived here.”said Luxius looking at his sword.

“Whoa wait a whole massive army of them?!”said Ercus surprised.

“He did while I was in his mind space.”said Marlana smiling at Luxius.

Doxie, Ercus, Ruvie and Giunei were amazed by Luxius. Lillia was also surprised.

“Anywho I’ll be right back.”said Luxius leviating up.

Luxius flew in full speed towards the Lightorium tree.

“Oh my goodness he can fly?!”said Lillia covering her mouth in amazement.

Doxie looked at Luxius with worry in her eyes. Ercus and Ruvie saw this.

“Lady Doxie what’s wrong?”said Ercus concerned.

“I sense something light and dark at the same time within Luxius.”said Doxie wondering.

“I’m sure he can handle the dragon.”said Ruvie smiling at her.

Lillia looked at Luxius go as he flew towards the tree. She puts her hands together in a prayer.

“(Please be safe Luxius..)”said Lillia in her thoughts concerned and praying.

Giunei looked concerned as well and so does Marlana.

“(Come back alive Luxius.)”said Marlana in her thoughts worried.

In the Aetherial Glass of Time.

Klaus was mediating a bit and glowing with aether.
Kawina now her hair longer and more beautiful than before was building up aether. Both of them are training their hardest so they can fight against the sin eaters. However,

“Ghh!”said Klaus was in pain.

His sin eater marking were showing on his face and little wings grew on his head.

“(Grr I got to keep my instincts under control but, for some odd reason I’m not lost yet. How?!”said Klaus in his thoughts curious.

Klaus looked over and saw Kawina was getting the hang of it a little. Suddenly, Kawina started glowing all of the sudden.

“Huh?! What’s going on?!”said Kawina panicking.

She glowed until she became an aetherial ball of light. Aetherial butterfly wings grew to protect her.

“Is she..?”said Klaus surprised.

The aetherial ball exploded with pure magic causing Klaus to cover his eyes. When the light dim, Klaus looked over at Kawina. His jaws dropped to the ground.

“Oh my cheesecake!!”said Klaus amazement.

Kawina’ body grew bigger and she has floppy Viis ears. Her outfit she had stayed on her and her Zerius was now on her back.

Kawina opened her eyes and looked at her body.

“I’m back to normal. I’m back to my Viis self.”said Kawina amazed.

Klaus was still amazed by Kawinas transformation.

“(Ohh cheesecake she’s beautiful.)”said Klaus in his thoughts in awe.

Kawina released a powerful aetherial burst to see if she gained her aether back. Klaus got blown away by her burst.

“Ohh cheesecake!!!” said Klaus flying away in the aetherial sky.

Kawina saw Klaus fly and she panicked.

“Oh no! I’ll come get you Klaus!”said Kawina running.

Klaus and Kawina are still training in the Aetherial Glass of Time. Looks like day passed in there for them as well due to Time magic in Aetherial Glass. Kawina went back to her original self and Klaus’ sin eater transformation advanced a little bit, he was still sane. Will their training be finished on the time the Aetherial Glass hits to its final clock? What sorta of Sin Eater Dragon will Luxius face on the Lightorium Tree?

To Be Continued.
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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

nice addition my friend!

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Thank you Mahdi
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