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Free Company

Recruiting The Mortal Sword Members



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#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Player Events
#Treasure Maps
#High-end Duties
Lali-ho! Saturn here from Malboro's finest FC, <SWORD>! We are open to recruitment to players from Viera to Hrothgar, Lalafell to Hyur! We also own and operate an eatery named SWORD Café. We serve HQ tinctures & food to Raiders, Crafters, and Gatherers alike. Our sprouts can come to enjoy a bite with a menu for leveling food as well as listen to live music. Other freebies are handed out at booths such as Fashion Report Kits, Master Crafter Book Kits, Crafting Levekits, and more!

Why you should join:
Some of the Events we host:
-Weekly Events! See our FC Calendar: https://swordfc.com/calendar/
Some of Our Benefits:
- We have daily events!
- Rank 30 FC with 2 buffs daily on a rotation!
- One of the most active Discords out there!
- Genuinely nice and friendly people!
- LGBTQ-Friendly!

How do I apply?:
It's easy! Simply message me, Saturn Return in game, or you can apply at our Free Company house in game if I'm not around. Friend me on Discord with any questions you may have --- Saturn#5426

Our location is below:
- The Mortal Sword : Plot 30, 18th Ward - Shirogane

Free Company Website: https://swordfc.com/
Free Company Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/swordfc
Free Company Discord: https://discord.gg/swordfc
Please note: If joining the Discord before the Free Company, you will be unable to see all the member-only channels, but feel free to reach out to ask someone about joining :)

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 30, 18 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

Estate Profile

Mortal Sword Home


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Saturn ReturnMalboro [Crystal]

How Do I Apply?
It's easy! Simply message me, Saturn Return in game, or you can apply at our FC house if I'm not around. Friend me on Discord with any questions you may have --- Saturn#5426



Sylphrena NymrilBalmung [Crystal]

SWORD is a big reason I still actively play FFXIV, over the years (Been playing since Pre-HW) I have taken many breaks. There is always something going on and plenty of opportunities to make friends. Want to make money? Going a scheduled Map party or host one on your own! Just want to chill? Hang out in the FC yard and chat with many of the friendly members (Myself included). Everyone is so understanding and willing to help out if you need it. Not to mention the super friendly Officers.


Community Member Perry PenningtonMalboro [Crystal]

SWORD is a wonderful community. I was recruited as a lowly level 17 Warrior questing in the deserts of Thanalan. At the time, I was a Lalafel and looked like a small purple trashcan in my armor. Saturn recruited me and I was so impressed by the leadership of the FC that I knew I wanted to try and work hard to make a difference and help in any way I could. My first FC event was the Lala Flash Mob (which was hilarious) but I later fell in love with the monthly Glam Contests and Raiding. Join us!


Community Member Hugacactus NotkhajiitMalboro [Crystal]

I have been in SWORD for over a year and half and have enjoyed every moment of it. Always stuff to do (I am partial to the map parties). So many friendly and helpful people.


Saturn FallenMalboro [Crystal]

Aww ty for all the friendly comments everyone!


Kalarra SilvermistMalboro [Crystal]

What an outstanding group of people! I could not have hoped for a better FC. SWORD is full of so many caring and helpful folks. They are warm and welcoming, and Saturn and her band of misfits(Officers), do an impeccable job with everything they offer, whether it's assistance with leveling, crafting, or fun side events! I am so thankful to be part of this amazing group!


Xorren Sa'maelMalboro [Crystal]

Normally I shy away from large guilds, but SWORD has proven itself to be different than all the rest I've seen. People here are warm, welcoming, engaging, and don't treat you like just a number on their roster. With constant activities, events, resources, and parties for all sorts of in game content, SWORD easily feels like home and is an excellent place for players of all types. Join us!


Community Member Tek KnoeMalboro [Crystal]

My names Tek Knoe, and this is my favorite FC on the datacenter. Seriously though, I've been a party of SWORD for almost two years now and I've never been part of a community like this in a MMO. The people are great, and there's is always something to do. From maps to mounts to monthly special events I promise there is something for you! If you like a smaller community, we've got you, you want a group a little more geared towards raiding? we've got you. Come give us a try!


Apollo TomyrisMalboro [Crystal]

SWORD is truly more than just an online community, it is a family. Being a refugee from the Primal Datacenter, these folks made me feel more at home and are truly a wonderful group of people to interact with. Saturn is more than just the leader, she is a friend and truly wonderful person to talk to. Please don't hesitate to join, I know you won't regret it!

P.S. I bring cookies to all the new members, too, and who doesn't love cookies? :)


Woo TehfawkMalboro [Crystal]

I was with SWORD for almost two years from 2018-2019. I took a break from the game and just came back. Re-joining SWORD was the first thing that I did upon my return. This FC has grown exponentially since I first joined, but the feeling of a welcoming community is still there. Members are very polite and helpful, and there's always an event opening up for you to join in on based on your interests. The FC Discord server is very active as well. I cannot recommend this FC enough.


Skartisu OmniMalboro [Crystal]

MMO's are great but being apart of a great FC/Guild is what really completes these games..... Sword is all that and more. I've never been apart of anything as large/organized/fun/helpful in my gaming life ever... not even close. I dont know why anyone would join any other FC! there is always an adventure awaiting for any type of gameplay you enjoy. Sword is a game changer for me. I pray you become apart of our family, we will not dissapoint!


Nova DescentMalboro [Crystal]

SWORD is great for new players, returning players, and veterans. I myself joined as a sprout and was amazed at how helpful and welcoming this community is. No matter what it is you are looking for, you'll most likely find it here. There's an event for practically everything in game for you to participate in. This FC really showed me that there's more to this game than just grinding levels and talking to NPCs.


Saturn FallenMalboro [Crystal]

Thank you for all the comment!! ♥ Love you all! \o/

This comment has been deleted.

Community Member Brio MoonwhisperMalboro [Crystal]

Sword is everything a guild/FC should be and more. Each guild is like it’s own family and we’re all one big extended family. We do events together with all 5 FCs and it’s always a blast. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and supportive! I like this game a lot but I love this FC even more!


Community Member Nine LivesMalboro [Crystal]

I've been part of this amazing Free Company since I started playing and wouldn't change it for the world. I've made really good friends here and hope to make many more going forward.


Community Member Arc BalheistMalboro [Crystal]

Though I've only been a part of Sword for about three months now, they have absolutely changed the game for me. I was so used to doing everything solo that it didn't occur to me just how helpful and fun an FC could be... And then Sword took it to a whole other level. Hunt Trains, Map Parties, Free Food, Learning Parties, and old Raids are just the tip of the iceberg as the members are the truly the best. They're welcoming, fun, and just want to help when they can. I look forward more with them.


Community Member Ashe AvenfellMalboro [Crystal]

Sword is by far the best FC I've ever been in! Everyone is so wonderful and I could sit here all day praising each and every one of them. ^.^


Community Member Saturn ReturnMalboro [Crystal]

<3 <3 <3 Ty so much guys!


Community Member Perry PenningtonMalboro [Crystal]

Hey there guys


Saturn SongMalboro [Crystal]

Hi Perry! How are you doing?


Community Member Hugacactus NotkhajiitMalboro [Crystal]

Woo! 3 year anniversary this month!!!


Saturn SongMalboro [Crystal]

Yes! I can't believe we are already 3 years old. Crazy how far we've come! <3


Community Member Perry PenningtonMalboro [Crystal]

I am doing great Saturn Return, thank you for asking. How are you?


Saturn SongMalboro [Crystal]

Planning a Scavenger Hunt for the FC's three year anniversary! :)


Community Member Sylvax LygorMalboro [Crystal]

AWESOME FC! It might be on the larger side, but it's still very much a family feel FC. Been here for about 7 months, and have absolutely loved it. LOTS of stuff to do, LOTS of events and giveaways. Really good place to call home!


Cannon FodderMalboro [Crystal]

Originally joined up with SWORD a while back when I was just starting this game.
The community was great, and there were always people available to help or just to chat.
As a newbie, that meant a lot. After a long hiatus I've finally been able to start playing again, and they've grown many times in size with the same kind of wonderful helpful people I've grown to love.
You can't go wrong joining a great group of people like them. Cheers!


Konrad KurzeMalboro [Crystal]

I would really love to apply, I'm just wondering WHICH chapter to apply to! Is there any particular difference, or does one need more members? :)


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