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8:00 23:00
8:00 23:00
Active Members


Data Center




2/28/2023 SORRY!! All our hunts cwl are all FULL!

Very active Hunt cwls!!

We relays S-ranks, Hunt Trains, Special FATEs. Message Cera Redfox in game to join!

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Cera RedfoxGoblin [Crystal]

Send a Tweet

Message me in-game to join!



Foot SoupHalicarnassus [Dynamis]

Don’t have Twitter like to get invite.about to log on


Lulu MewrilahBalmung [Crystal]

Please add me to this CWLS. I am interested in more info on hunts. Thank you!


Catriona BlackwoodDiabolos [Crystal]

I am very interested, will look for you online, please look for me too, thanks

(Edited)  -

Roxxi BlackDiabolos [Crystal]

I miss getting the hunt updates. Please add me. Thanks!


Hungry CannibalBrynhildr [Crystal]

I'm interested, please send me an invite. Thank you.


Ashley KeoughBrynhildr [Crystal]

Hi. I’m very interested, PLEASE add me. Thank you!


Lighthing IllyazfyllBrynhildr [Crystal]

add me pls


Synn KingMateus [Crystal]

i am interested in joining this group for hunts, may i also get an invite or reach out for information


A'tiqano TiamanZalera [Crystal]

Hi, I'm interested in joining this group! Please add me


Antigone KittyMalboro [Crystal]

Interested in joining. I will look out for you online.


Zara WildesZalera [Crystal]

I am interested in joining. Please add me


Viv GilMalboro [Crystal]

Hi, I would like to join too. Could you please add me? Thanks~


Stevens StrangeCoeurl [Crystal]

Would like to join please


Raiden YuimotoCoeurl [Crystal]

I like to join, please add me.


Szelle KilvangrMalboro [Crystal]

If you're still recruiting could you send me an invite?


Donna DonovanCoeurl [Crystal]

Could I plz join?


Lulu MatsumotoGoblin [Crystal]

Can I get a invite to this group?


Frost StarrielZalera [Crystal]

I'd like to join, if you're still looking!


Caldane MalleatorisGoblin [Crystal]

Hey there, would love to join, I tried a pm but you weren't online when I was. :)


Taro TeaZalera [Crystal]

Hello! I sent a message or tell (?) in-game and it couldn't be sent. If you're still accepting I would like to join. Thank you!


Yuyuzaki NonozakiMateus [Crystal]

If there is room I'd be interested.


Just-a J'Diabolos [Crystal]

I would love to join as well please.


Zuzume ZumeAdamantoise [Aether]

Hi! I would be interested in joining if there is still space.


Jacoasta KailaniGoblin [Crystal]

Hello! I would love an invite too! :D


Chris ArmandoGoblin [Crystal]

Hello I would like to join! Thanks


Rozemyne TochterBalmung [Crystal]

I would like to join as well!
Thanks :D


Diki MckrakenGoblin [Crystal]

I would like to join also.


Dylan BlackwoodBrynhildr [Crystal]

Im super intrested! Please let me join!! =3


Aranaya RedgraveGoblin [Crystal]

I would like to join!


Suke HakuuchiBrynhildr [Crystal]

Can I join? I've been wanting to get into hunts and join hunt trains.


Gunnar MercerBrynhildr [Crystal]

Would love to join and try this out. Do something new for a change.


Rhaeno NeovraeBalmung [Crystal]

Would love to join! How do I get an inv? This is the first time I tried this xD


Babby FheyDiabolos [Crystal]

Hello! I couldn’t find you in game, could someone add me please. Thanks!


Selty NefelruraZalera [Crystal]

inv pls


Rosalinde RayneMateus [Crystal]

I would like to join as well please!


Dejaunx LeviathanMalboro [Crystal]

Could I also get an invite please and ty


Vidin LourosDiabolos [Crystal]

Hey, tried to find you in game but you might not have been on. Would appreciate an invite, thanks!


Hikage ArashiZalera [Crystal]

Please invite to join the hunt!


Jhin MastraBrynhildr [Crystal]

Intrested in joining in hunts and would like to join if possible!


Pip TazoGoblin [Crystal]

Never done hunts! just cleared EW and would love to start! invite pls! Or I see that you'd like a msg in game. Ill do that too! TY!!


Helmsman JinbeiMalboro [Crystal]

May I get an invite to the hunt? :)


Xahyi LunliMateus [Crystal]

Would like an invite, Xahyi Lunli on Mateus

This comment has been deleted.

Rudy SaberZalera [Crystal]

Hey, I'll try to catch you online for an invite but I'm interested in joining. :)


Louise VuittoneMalboro [Crystal]

Hi, I'm interested in joining. Please send an invite.


Vex ValenciaCoeurl [Crystal]

Please send me a invite. Would love to do some hunting


Nick LestroCoeurl [Crystal]

I love hunt trains and would like to be involved.


N'yaan KatzeBalmung [Crystal]

Hi! Could I please join? Need help with Foxy Lady D:


Rek StrifeMalboro [Crystal]

Interested as well! :)


Amerie AmelynnFaerie [Aether]

Hello could I get an invite? c:


Kaidnin KagonDiabolos [Crystal]

looking to do some hunts


Zeorhreo NoenMalboro [Crystal]

can I join? thanks!


Alexander CardoDiabolos [Crystal]

Don't use twitter, would like to get an invite


Telmin ZanzaSeraph [Dynamis]

I would like to join.


Masta PainDiabolos [Crystal]

Looking for hunts, please add me! :D


Queala QhanHalicarnassus [Dynamis]

Leaving a comment here to come back to it so I can add when online again.


Ani HiqohBrynhildr [Crystal]

I would like to join.Ty


Aristar ToriHalicarnassus [Dynamis]

May I have a invite please an ty


Only MeeagainGoblin [Crystal]

Plz add me


Nater TotzMaduin [Dynamis]

Looking for a CW Hunt LS, would love to have an invite!


Aiven KrussZalera [Crystal]

I'd like to be added, please

(Edited)  -

Temujin AvagnarMalboro [Crystal]

Looking to get into a Hunt LS, would love an invite when possible!


Aenslo BonghandBalmung [Crystal]

I'd love an invite if possible please!


Artemis SaviourDiabolos [Crystal]

Not new to the game, but fairly new to hunts would like an invite if possible.


Erza FeiticeiraGoblin [Crystal]

I would love an invite to this CWL please!


Iifa DelaguerreBalmung [Crystal]

Hello! It'd be great to get an invite please!


Camellia GalaxySeraph [Dynamis]

I would like an invite please!


Yukki MidnightCoeurl [Crystal]

If there is space I'd like an invite too please


Yozora XxCoeurl [Crystal]

I would like to join!


To'mas GutijaiMateus [Crystal]

Hello, if you are still recruiting I would appreciate an invite please. Thanks you!


Violet ValentineGoblin [Crystal]

Hello! I would love an invite if possible, please!


Sefen BranfordSeraph [Dynamis]

Hi, I'd love to join! Inv, please. :3


Hellbat GrimsbaneMateus [Crystal]

Would love an invite if there's still room! Please and thank you :^)


Harmony ImGoblin [Crystal]

May I get an invite to the LS please. Harmony Im - Goblin


Gyosei YatsurugiBalmung [Crystal]

I'd like to join this Linkshell. When's the best time to reach you in-game?


M'rai PuerBalmung [Crystal]

I'd like to hop on, thankyaverymuch.


Thunderous CrescentMateus [Crystal]

I would love to join im very active i have muiltiple jobs at 90


Earis SilverwindZalera [Crystal]

I'd like to join please


Ulan ValerianZalera [Crystal]

I would love an inv please!


Shuyen LannisZalera [Crystal]

Would love an invite if possible!


Ashran LetheCoeurl [Crystal]

Would love an invite! Will look for you in game


Oshika NagasawaDiabolos [Crystal]

Good Evening. Requesting invite if you arn't full!


U'lhorin TiaCoeurl [Crystal]

Hi! I've been looking for a group to help me find hunts and special FATEs - I can't find you in game to message you, but I'd love to be invited if that can be done here. Thanks!


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