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Free Company

Recruiting Stardust Keep Members



Active Hours
4:00 16:00
1:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Roleplay Enthusiasts
#Player Events
#Work-life Balance
Born from a dream under the stars, the Keep was formed as a place for knowledge and history to be stored as well as shared. It is home to those who pursue such things. From relics to recipes, combat styles, and culture, there is something for everyone. Mind your elbows around the relics and don't smear the glass on the aquariums.

Stardust Keep is both an RP & Content FC with a focus on teaching both should a member desire. We strive to teach all aspects of the game from running content to the finer aspects of making gil. Our RP premise is centered around a museum funded by I'lydia Dahl and administered by S'eidr Lovell that is dedicated to the curation and safeguarding of relics, whether they be dangerous in nature or mundane. It is due to this fact that a wide variety of characters fit, from scholars to warriors, and even diplomats for when other organizations call on our expertise in an RP with other parts of the community. Whether you are new to RP or a veteran RPer of many years there is something for you so long as you follow our code of mutual respect for your fellow players. From our character workshops where we assist in ensuring lore friendliness and helping people brainstorm ideas, to the way our admin team operates and the resources we offer we are a type unto ourselves. We stand apart from the crowd and we're proud to be different. We play hard, and we support each other. No matter what we will always remain true to our motto of 'The most important part of STAR is our members'...No one is just a number.

Content or RP...or both? It's up to you!
We strive to maintain the balance, and no player is required to do anything they do not wish to. Do you want to only do content? Great! Do you want to RP only and never set foot in a trial again? Go for it! Do you want to have a mix of RP, content, and even the opportunity for high-end duties? Look no further!

At a quick glance some of the fun activities we offer or will be offering are:

- Minion & Mount / Prize Raffles
- Fun Seasonal Decorating & Events
- Scheduled Buffs that are consistently up (the schedule is found on our carrd)
- Monthly event calendar for easier planning and IRL balance.
- Organized support system for new and old players
- Regular Content Groups
- Fate Farms
- All levels of farming
- Treasure Maps
- Savage/End Game Content (we teach and clear in a relaxed environment)
- Lore Friendly; willing to teach/share/discuss in a relaxed setting.
- Casual RP & Long term story RP
- Character RP Workshop Available in a private, dedicated one on one channel with Admin

What we are looking for in a STAR member:

+ Courteous and respectful of other players

+ A desire to make our FC their own and interact with our community through content, socializing, or roleplaying

+ Fun people. We like to joke, laugh, and play...we like people who are like-minded.

+ We do require you to be on good terms with your prior FC. (IE; don't bring drama to our doorstep, While we have a strict 'No Scalping' rule we understand sometimes people want to join us from another FC. If this fits you please leave your prior FC nicely and make your intent clear to avoid drama.)

Come take a tour of the museum!

Interested in joining? Our application can be found on the 'recruitment' page of our carrd.


Shirogane, Ward: 10 Plot: 37

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 37, 10 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

Estate Profile

Stardust Museum


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

S'eidr LovellMateus [Crystal]

Hi there and thanks for your interest in Stardust. Feel free to reach out to me in-game via chat or a tell. Or to stop by the Museum, we love visitors~!



Community Member Tev'ildo BridonMateus [Crystal]

Hello! Would love to apply for the FC! I like RP and been seeking out an FC to do content with and explore this aspect of the game with. I'm still a sprout! Going through Shadowbringers right now. I haven't really had the chance to experience a lot of the content, like crafting, trading or doing maps. Haven't been part of an FC before, nor had the chance to form a friend group around the game either so hopefully I can fit in! Good luck with recruiting!


Ezra UesugiMateus [Crystal]

Went and saw the FC House/museum today. Very cool. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to rp one day with you all.

This comment has been deleted.

Luna TchessiMateus [Crystal]

I accidentally forgot that I changed my Discord user after filling in the application! This is my current one: Lunamare#0666


Community Member S'eidr LovellMateus [Crystal]

Hi Luna, I sent a friend request on discord. :)

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500

This comment has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.

Parnand DahkenMateus [Crystal]

My friend and I have been looking for a new FC. We both really enjoy the rp aspect of the game and would love to talk to someone when there is a chance.


Thea RinmareMateus [Crystal]

Hi, I'd love to join Stardust Keep. I'm not a lore expert for this game, but I like RPing a lot and have been missing it, as of late, so I'm definitely open to learning and your FC seems like a cool concept I think my character could fit well in. Would also love to join so I can join groups for game content, too. I'm level 82 right now, I think, so I'm new to the game, working through MSQ, but yeah, eventually do also want to play the game, lol. What else... I play well with others :D


Community Member S'eidr LovellMateus [Crystal]

Hi Quinn, we'd love to have you. Please check out our carrd: https://stardustkeep.carrd.co/# and put in an application for the FC so we can get in touch. Were you planning to transfer home worlds to Mateus?

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Aerian SunglowMateus [Crystal]

I would love to apply! I've been looking for a fairly active FC with a lot of nice folks.


Qih ChelewaeMateus [Crystal]

Hi I'd Love to join!! Been without an FC on crystal for a while and would love to meet ppl!


Community Member Ariden RavencroftMateus [Crystal]

I just left an application for joining your FC via the google forms on your website, and looking forward to hearing from you!


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