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    A community to play together with friends on the same World.

    Free companies are player-run organizations which allow their members to pool resources, be it items or gil, to accomplish feats that would be difficult or impossible for a single individual.
    The benefits of joining a free company include a dedicated chat channel for all members, the ability to purchase an estate to serve as the group's base of operations, and the use of free company actions that grant bonuses such as increased experience points.
    No two free companies share the same goals and motivations, so be sure to choose the free company that's right for you.

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    A dedicated chat channel for players who share a common aim.

    Linkshells and cross-world linkshells are chat groups which allow for quick and easy communication between players who are not necessarily in a party or free company. Unlike free companies, players are able to join multiple linkshells, making it possible to join different communities dedicated to various aspects of the game.

    Linkshells: allow communication with any players on the same World.
    Cross-world Linkshells: allow communication with any players on the same data center.
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    A team dedicated to enjoying PvP duties.

    Teamwork is key, so be sure to find a team with whom you're confident you can hone your skills together.

    PvP duties: allow players to compete against one another in unique instanced arenas.
Free Company

Recruiting -Radiance- Members



Active Hours
8:00 24:00
8:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Friendships First (FF)
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Work-life Balance
#Socially Active
#High-end Duties
Hey! Are you looking for an FC? This is Radiance.

About Us
We are a non-role-playing FC comprised of a group of friends with a range of experience in all aspects of the game, from raiding to crafting and housing. Our mentors are all veterans who have been active for many years. Some of us are newer members (thank you, pandemic), and returners. Regardless of how we all started, we are all interested in helping one another out and building a safe community for friendships to develop. Most of us are young professionals in our 20s to 30s with busy lives whereas some of us are parents, so we want our gaming structure to remain casual and flexible (i.e., not take up too much "space" in our real lives) while allowing us to still have this sense of shared enjoyment with our friends (i.e., fc members). We pride ourselves on being decent people and mature adults. We understand that friendships in our community are just as important as the game itself. If this reflects who you are, and if you are the type that enjoys casually progressing through the game, savoring the story lines, learning/progressing through raids in a low-stress manner, and are interested in meeting other people, you will fit right in ♥

About You / Is This Your FC
We are all friends :) Regardless of skill level, the most important factor is that you enjoy and are interested in growing your love of the game with friends who feel the same way ♥ We're also a good fit if you are interested in getting into higher-end content raids, but have felt intimidated by how "hardcore" the community can get at times. We have a flexible schedule for raids, which means depending on FC members' interests, we may take a break and slow our roll to manage the stressors that naturally build up in a raid tier. Friendships will always come first.

Important note: We are not a static. Actually, we encourage folks to keep their own statics so that gaming with FC mates can stay focused on camaraderie and not one's parses :)

Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, harassment, or stalking will not be tolerated and is a reportable offense. We take this seriously as it resonates deeply with all of our personal values. In other words, we want everyone to help us maintain a safe, welcoming, and supportive community.

Our community welcomes everyone and includes all, no matter their shape, size, color, gender, background, disability, or beliefs. We all uphold the GLHF pledge and code of conduct (https://www.anykey.org/en/pledge). By joining our Discord and/or the Radiance Free Company, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this code.

Gaming is for everyone. Good luck, WoLs, and have fun!


Active Hours
We are based in North America (Pacific to Eastern time zones)

FC Benefits
 ▸ FC Buffs
 ▸ Custom-decorated house beside the famous beach in Shirogane!
 ▸ FC Prize Events (gil, mounts, minions, etc)
 ▸ Mount Farm Parties
 ▸ Map runs

Recruitment Period
To maintain the close sense of friendship and community we have, we open our recruitment period intermittently throughout the year. If you see this recruitment notice, we are in an open window.

We have a discord for FC members (Invite Only)

How do I join?
You can apply by: 1) Reaching out to us directly on Discord or send a tell in-game (/t firstname lastname@Exodus); or 2) Submit an application to our FC house's placard, located at:
 ▸ Exodus, Shirogane, Plot 7, 25th Ward

Our contact information:
 ▸ Tol Underfoot@Exodus / winterfrost (Discord)
 ▸ Miu Radiantsea@Exodus / miuvelous (Discord)
 ▸ Sable Fenrir@Exodus / sable616 (Discord)
 ▸ Jaco Fenrir@Exodus / jaco.fenrir (Discord)
 ▸ June Aedyoh@Exodus / juneviii (Discord)

The best way to learn more about us and figure out if this is a good fit for you is to take that first step and reach out :)

Speak soon!


Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 7, 25 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

Estate Profile

Radiant Bun Bun Haus


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Tol Underfoot Exodus [Primal]



Community Member Zen Daon Exodus [Primal]

I am a returning player, finding an active community to meet new people. I'd love to join the fc. I hope to hear from you.

(Edited)  -

Community Member Miu Radiantsea Exodus [Primal]

Update: Many moons later, they say the soul of Zen the popoto pancake *cough* sweet lalaboy *cough* still roams the Radiance FC yard.

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500

(Edited)  -

Community Member Lorn Muruc Exodus [Primal]

I am a returning player that has been away from the game for a few months. I had some difficulty understanding the game as it is a little overwhelming. It has always been on the back of my mind though. The FC I was previously in wasn't very active/social. I would love to join this FC as it has members that are like myself. I am a parent in my early 30's who would like to make some friends in the game. I know having some friends will make this game 1000x better.


Community Member Skamba Levesque Exodus [Primal]

Hey, I’d love to join your FC! I just finally subbed to the game after getting to lvl 60 and hitting the Gil cap. First thing I wanted to do after I subbed was get into an FC, but I wanted to make sure it was one with a tight-knit group of people who just wanted to make friends and realistically play an MMO even with real responsibilities outside of the game. Yours fits that description perfectly so I hope I can meet you all and make some memories :)


Community Member Zest Lucis Exodus [Primal]

Hello, I'd like to join your Free Company. I was previously on Excalibur with a couple other FCs that weren't as active and had too many members to really mesh well with and get to know. I made an alt (this character) and came to Exodus hoping that I can find a tight knit community to talk, do dailies, raid (when I've caught up), and generally just have fun with. I hope to meet you all soon. May you ever walk in the light of the Crystal!

This comment has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.

Papa Chungus Exodus [Primal]

Hello, I've been trying to find a FC that has a good combination of events and sprout friendly as I'm still very new even though having 3 level 70 jobs and i feel like i don't even know a quarter of the games potential.


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