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    A community to play together with friends on the same World.

    Free companies are player-run organizations which allow their members to pool resources, be it items or gil, to accomplish feats that would be difficult or impossible for a single individual.
    The benefits of joining a free company include a dedicated chat channel for all members, the ability to purchase an estate to serve as the group's base of operations, and the use of free company actions that grant bonuses such as increased experience points.
    No two free companies share the same goals and motivations, so be sure to choose the free company that's right for you.

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    Cross-world Linkshells: allow communication with any players on the same data center.
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    Teamwork is key, so be sure to find a team with whom you're confident you can hone your skills together.

    PvP duties: allow players to compete against one another in unique instanced arenas.
Free Company

Recruiting The Astral Sword Members



Active Hours
1:00 24:00
1:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Player Events
Lali-ho! Saturn here from Malboro's finest FC conglomerate, <SWORD>! We are open to recruitment to all players from Viera to Hrothgar, Lalafell to Hyur! We are comprised of 6 sister FCs throughout Malboro, and hold at 600+ members! Our names are The Mortal Sword, The Immortal Sword, The Eternal Sword, The Temporal Sword, The Fallen Sword, and The Astral Sword. We also own and operate an eatery named SWORD Café. We serve HQ tinctures & food to Raiders, Crafters, and Gatherers alike. Our sprouts can come to enjoy a bite with a menu for leveling food as well as listen to live music. Other freebies are handed out at booths such as Fashion Report Kits, Master Crafter Book Kits, Crafting Levekits, and more!

Why you should join:
Some of the Events we host:
- Weekly Learning Parties - Raiding, Extremes, Mount Farms!
- Glam Contests
- Trivia
- Hide n Seek
- Hunt Trains
- Guild hosted Statics
- RP Events
- Raffles & Prize Giveaways (Mogstation & Gil)

Some of Our Benefits:
- Biggest guild on Malboro!
- We have daily events!
- Rank 30 FC with 2 buffs daily on a rotation!
- One of the most active Discords out there!
- Genuinely nice and friendly people!
- LGBTQ-Friendly!

How do I apply?:
It's easy! Simply message me, Saturn Return in game, or you can apply at one of these 5 guild locations in game if I'm not around. Friend me on Discord with any questions you may have --- Saturn#5426

Our locations are below:
- The Mortal Sword : Plot 30, 18th Ward - Shirogane
- The Immortal Sword: Plot 35, 17th Ward - Mist
- The Eternal Sword: Plot 28, 14th Ward - The Lavender Beds
- The Temporal Sword: Plot 45, 14th Ward - Mist
- The Fallen Sword: Plot 60, 23 Ward, The Goblet
-The Astral Sword Plot 35, 23 Ward, The Goblet

Free Company Website: https://swordfc.com/
Free Company Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/swordfc
Free Company Discord: https://discord.gg/swordfc
Please note: If joining the Discord before the Free Company, you will be unable to see all the member-only channels, but feel free to reach out to ask someone about joining :)

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 35, 23 Ward, The Goblet (Large)

Estate Profile

Chamber of Swords


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Saturn AstralMalboro (Crystal)

How Do I Apply?
It's easy! Simply message me, Saturn Astral in game, or you can apply at one of these 6 guild locations in game if I'm not around. Friend me on Discord with any questions you may have --- Saturn#5426



Community Member Meami EverfireMalboro (Crystal)

Hi I'm Meami and I'm a member of Astral.
In Astral you'll meet many nice people willing to help you out with game mechanics, clearing content, helping you cope with the memories of playing WoW.

While I've been a part of SWORD for over a year I've been very happy to work with Astral to help new players get the most of the game. The group is very welcoming and we hope to see more new faces in the future :)


Community Member Diabeetus WrimlyMalboro (Crystal)

I've not been playing FFXVI very long, only a few months, and had only been a part of 1 FC prior to SWORD. I didn't know that a FC could be so welcoming and just all around great. After that first FC fell apart within days of my joining I found Astral and I've found a home. The people are so friendly and helpful. It's the newest of the SWORD FC chapters and I feel honored to help it grow and become the best it can be.


Community Member Quel XaxasMalboro (Crystal)

Being new to FF14 myself I can confirm Meami's/Diabeetus' comments about this FC being very friendly and welcoming to us "WoW refugees". Even if you've never played an MMO, the FC is filled with people who have, and are willing to help ya along the way. (myself included). We all respect each other's journey here (no spoilers in chat) which is really nice. FC has social events with prizes and loves Halloween. Come join us in the Spooky Demon 6.66 Astral Sword FC and let's get hyped for Endwalker!


Community Member Fel RubyMalboro (Crystal)

I have played FFXIV on and off since the launch of 2.0. Never have I experience actual comradery in a FC environment until now! Everyone is friendly and helpful, endless events, all forms of end game content, and hundreds of supportive people assisting each other along the way. Come join us for fun and enjoy FFXIV to the fullest.


Mercy StormbornMalboro (Crystal)

Hello. I am looking for a FC to call home. I have aspirations of raiding when I hit max level. I just returned to the game a few weeks ago, but I'm doing my best to level.


Community Member Drunken DragonMalboro (Crystal)

I was cold, naked, starving, thirsty, and homeless. While foraging for food in some dark corner of the world a beam of light reached down from the heavens and enveloped me in a feeling of tranquility. It was Saturn herself, blessing me from the heavens with a FC invite. I joined, and everything changed. I'm fully clothed, have a apartment, plenty to eat and drink. Grass is greener, weather is warmer, chocobo is happier. From WoW to FFXIV, best "Guild" I've ever had the privilege of being in.


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