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Free Company

Recruiting The Coffee Shop Members



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9:00 24:00
8:00 24:00
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#Chill & eventful
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Socially Active
Hey all! Welcome the to the Cafe Recruitment Page!

I am going to keep this recruitment post short and simple because I know what it's like to FC shop and have to read paragraph after paragraph of stuff, and most of it advertises the same thing. (And I still ended up typing a lot more then I thought I was gonna, sighhh me. Well I hope you dont get scared and still read.)

We are a small to medium size 18+ FC. We don't generally like to go more then 45 members (sometimes we do tho) just because that way everyone really gets to know ppl well and form friendships. So normally after we reach that mark we typically close the FC recruitment. Alts in the FC do not count towards our population number to us, cause well, its the same person.

No, are not a venue FC nor require you be an 'Rpper'. Its called Cafe because you go to a cafe after work/school to hang out and relax with friends. However, some have been thinking about trying out the whole RP venue thing together at least once, so the idea of testing it out is not shunned either. Members not into it will not be forced to participate though.

We do FC night every Sunday around 7:30pm eastern standard time and its random. Generally how it works is someone gets picked to decide what we are doing for that Sunday. So FC night can end up being Maps, or sync'd Trial Roulette, or current end game mount farming, or taking group gposes as we stalk people around Kugane with umbrellas (reference pic). Just depends on the person and what they pick for us to do for that week.

We have a static that raids on Fri and Sats but spots are full. This does not mean we will never raid with you, or you can't join because your in a diff static. On the contrary, a lot of the members here do enjoy raiding, so chances are you will find someone who wants to go with you, or if you need to find a sub for a night for your static, you can ask away to see if anyone is avail.

On Mondays or Thursdays, sometimes both days, (9pm to 10pm est) a learn raid group goes and tackles on a boss, be it an extreme (sync'd) or savage learning, or just a mount farm unsync'd. No experience necessary in raiding. Just come, have some fun, don't feel judged, and experience the world of raiding free of any party finder anxiety should you find yourself with any.

For the most part we are just a group of people that are here to make friends with others and have people to do stuff with. Chill and relaxing yet random humorous environment.
Discord available, company actions always up with a ton of people who can put up actions, and socially active.

So come play with us! Let us be that FC you are looking for, where you can kick back, relax, be yourself, and escape the dramas of the real world.

New players are always welcome as well as we try to keep environment as spoiler free as we can. Tho I won't lie, on the occasion someone does slip in voice chat, so be careful.

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 42, 13 Ward, Empyreum (Large)

Estate Profile

Coffee Biscuits


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Figgs DelaroseSiren [Aether]

Discord message me @ Figgs#9779 with questions or apply.
Can also message Kaden at discord: MixedPineapples#0941
Or just apply at our FC HOUSE, send me in tell in game, or write below. (applying through house or a discord tell are best ways to get a fast reply)

Look forward to gaming with you!


This comment has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.

Community Member Steven FrazierSiren [Aether]

I'd like to join. Just looking for fun people to play with.

This reply has been deleted.

Community Member Bolo Y'zirSiren [Aether]

Hi, I'm interested in learning more about joining your FC. I'm in a great company now but I'm hoping to find a smaller/more casual static group that enjoys maps, hunts, and other party duties. I'm interested in growing my crafters and contributing more to an FC or to newer players however i can. Let me know if you have questions, thanks!

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This comment has been deleted.

Killian AmelessSiren [Aether]

Hello I'm trying to get back into the game and relearn everything and gets some casual gametime in. Could I join your FC?

This reply has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.

Cheese DoodleJenova [Aether]

Hey, just back in to the game for EW. Would love some people to chill and play with.

This reply has been deleted.

Steeled TySiren [Aether]

Hi! I'm interested in joining your FC. I sent a request on discord (steelty). im just looking for a group that's chill and fun.


Hylian SoulSiren [Aether]

Looking to join :^) casual player. love the FC name

This reply has been deleted.

Community Member Seokjin KimSiren [Aether]

would love to join if you guys are still accepting! just sent a friend req through discord (jae), so lmk when you can get back to me :)


Avelinko ThyreignSiren [Aether]

Whether or not you're still recruiting is questionable, but I'm very interested in learning more about how your FC operates and potentially join, if it works with my school schedule :) I do have discord that can be readily made available

(Edited)  -

Ahri TohkaSiren [Aether]

Would love to join too! Still a beginner so would love to have a small community to be a part of!


Hulkreality JossaySiren [Aether]

I would like to join The FC. ill also connect on Discord My name is HULKReality ON discord

This comment has been deleted.

Raion WhitlockSiren [Aether]

Hey! I'm a returning player after about a year or two off (Currently on stormblood post-main). I'm looking for a good/small Fc that is relaxed, helpful, and welcoming while I relearn and get back into the grind. I would love a chance to join this FC if you're looking for new members

This comment has been deleted.

Bayan DothariSiren [Aether]

Just moved to the States from overseas. Played WoW since Classic but getting burnt out. Work schedule kinda hectic, but I like to play and hang out with friends if possible.


Community Member Figgs DelaroseSiren [Aether]

Just add me on disc or apply in the FC house, your more then welcome if you still interested <3

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Akueyri HaSiren [Aether]

hi! Im super interest in applying if youre still taking apps C: hope its okay that I sent a friend request over on disc to apply


Community Member Figgs DelaroseSiren [Aether]

^ I got you :)

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Zhez'a LozaliSiren [Aether]

Howdy howdy! I wanted to comment and ask if your FC was still taking applications and looking for members. I still am looking for a social and engaging group of players to spend time with. If not, I understand! Just wanted to check in and ask.


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