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Gilt Gear''Shinryu [Meteor]

F's policy

welcome to Freesia's!
enjoy eorzea life together.

1.Let's greet to other menbers positively.
You can grow up fellow feeling!
(of course,there's no way you cannot,in busy timing.)

2.when you say or act something,please consider to other menbers.

3.They are strictly prohibitten.
indecent talking,
violent language,
inviting to voice chat party in this OIC.
(reason:we do not hope breaking up fellowship,and protect ladies.)
and,inviting to another game.

if you accept the invitation or stalking,
please take screenshots for evidence.

for example misunderstanding:

menberA:let's go together beautiful landscape!
menberB:(...tempt me!?)

only this case,it's not for dating.
it's common event to see together the scenery in the games.
menbers want to make many friends.

menberA:I want a girlfriend...I'm lonely everyday.
menberB:(...want me!?)

players talk daily communication oftenly.
Don't catch them nervously.

4.OIC function
・company chest
all menbers can take out from 1〜3shelfs(for only you use)
In bringing out them over spend for yourself,ask reasons why.
In some cases,have punishment,dispatch,or expulsion.

you cannot resale all items of company chest.

・you can take out also savianean onion.but,one by one,when your buddy rank up.

・company action
we use normally"the heart of battle Ⅱ"(or Ⅲ),and"reduced rates Ⅱ"

F's makes it a rule to use
these actions for rookies.
please refrain from using other actions.
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