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Nhago'to DrakonasBrynhildr (Crystal)


We are the HIVE, and we do things!

Want a fun, interactive FC where members don't just dawdle around?
Want monthly meetings to discuss literally anything? (town halls)
Want a static raid group that knows what they're doing? (or a good learning static raid group that has a lot of patience and 0% sodium, but can also learn pretty damn fast)
Want an easy going, humorous, and sometimes lewd community?
Want a community that is open to suggestions / events?
Want scheduled events such as horse/bird/doggo farming? Aesthetic farming? Blue mage content enthusiasts? Minimum IL enthusiasts? I could go on....

If so, then this is the FC for which you have been waiting!

If you are interested in joining please feel free to submit an application or ask to be invited by one of our members! If you're apprehensive, don't be shy! Speak up and you can observe and ask questions.

We have our own discord, website, and steam group, of which, you can utilize to your heart's content!

We all have strong personalities here, but we get along well because we're open minded, flexible, and can swallow our pride when learning and taking rational criticism. This is an FC that creates life-long friends, and maybe even life-long lovers? Don't quote me on that last part, but who knows lol. ANYWAYS..........

Come join THE HIVE and bask in riches and glory!
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