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Meme Raids, a joke or legit?

Kami ShaweZalera [Crystal]

After a year of hosting, I can confirm it actually is a legit form of raiding SYNCED content, old and new.

What is Meme Raiding? It's an ALTERED party composition or set of conditions, in which a group of people run a raid at the level in which it was originally intended on it's release, also known as synced.

It's all done purely for fun.

I'm sure we've all heard of them by now. 24 Summoners taking on the Puppet's Bunker. Nothing but healers in the World of Darkness? All Tanks in the newest EW 24-man raid. The hardest one I've ever heard of yet, the infamous "Funscaith", a terrifying journey of 24 dps taking down Dun Scaith? Second hardest being 3 Light Parties in Orbonne, followed by All Melee in World of Darkness.

While it is common to see people in the Duty Finder for the first time, it's actually surprising how many first time people are joining the Crystal Data Center Meme Raids. My own Friday Night Meme Raids run by the SilverScythe crew, and co-hosted by Akentriss and I, see a quite few every raid. Tanky Danky, who runs his own set of current content raids, more so.

It begs my question thou. While it's a legit thing on Crystal, what about the other Data Centers? Do they have as much fun as us or feel as alive while raiding? Are they pushing the boundaries of whats possible in raiding content? Is there actual others who continuously host meme raids that aren't one offs in a blue moon whims?

I'd love to find out and see what others have done.
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