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  • Free Shipping on Select FFXIV Merchandise – Ends July 22

    To celebrate the launch of Dawntrail, select FFXIV merchandise is available with free shipping this weekend on the Square Enix Store!

    Read on for details.

  • Gong cha x FINAL FANTASY XIV Collaboration Campaign Starts on July 17!

    Get ready to embark on a refreshing new adventure with the FINAL FANTASY XIV x Gong cha partnership, bringing a taste of Eorzea to tea lovers through a limited-time range of FFXIV-inspired teas and a chance to earn the adorable Porxie King Mount.

    Read on for details.

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail Promotional Site Updated!

    The Dawntrail promotional site has been updated with screenshots of the upcoming raid series, the Arcadion.

    Visit the Dawntrail website.

  • Patch 7.01 Notes

    We are pleased to present the patch notes for Patch 7.01, which introduces the new raid series, the Arcadion, and an assortment of new items.

    * Additional features will be implemented in future updates:
    The Arcadion (Savage) and the treasure hunt dungeon Cenote Ja Ja Gural are scheduled to be released in Patch 7.05.

    Read the patch notes.

    * Updated July 16, 2024 at 7:30 p.m. (PDT)

  • Issues with Housing Brightness Settings

    Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida would like to address concerns regarding an issue with brightness settings in housing.

    Read on for details.

  • New and Returning High-Precision Artwork Available for Pre-order

    We’re pleased to share that the FINAL FANTASY XIV high-precision artwork is back with a third wave of pre-orders for existing artworks while also debuting three brand-new pieces in the West!

    Read on for details.

  • Granting of Free Game Time for Issues that have Occurred since Early Access

    Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida would like to share an update on the granting of free game time to players that have been affected by ongoing issues since the launch of Dawntrail’s early access.

    Read on for details.

  • In Regards to Upcoming Job Adjustments

    Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida would like to share information regarding planned adjustments for a number of jobs.

    Read on for details.

  • Scions & Sinners: FINAL FANTASY XIV Arrangement Album Added to Streaming Services!

    We're pleased to announce that the Scions & Sinners: FINAL FANTASY XIV Arrangement Album, originally released in March 2021, is now available on select streaming services! Enjoy these amazing arrangements performed by THE PRIMALS and Keiko!

    Available to Stream

    Learn more about the album on the promotional site.

    Other Arrangement Albums Available to Stream

    * Availability may vary depending on region or streaming service.

  • Schedule & Details on Naoki Yoshida's Presence at Japan Expo 2024

    Do not miss Naoki Yoshida at Japan Expo 2024! He will be present for a special panel, a roundtable, and two signing sessions!

    Read on for more details.

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit Updated!

    The fan kit has been updated with desktop/smartphone wallpapers featuring the Dawntrail countdown illustrations released so far, as well as new profile pictures to use as your Xbox gamerpic!

    * Please read and agree to the license agreement before using the FINAL FANTASY XIV fan kit.

  • Illustration Countdown – Dawntrail Now Available!

    The day has finally arrived—Dawntrail has officially launched!

    A big thank you to all of our Warriors of Light who joined us for this magnificent countdown!

    As of today, Dawntrail will be playable for everyone who has purchased the expansion.

    * Dawntrail registration codes are now redeemable. Windows®/Steam/Mac users (including early access participants) must redeem their registration code to play the Dawntrail expansion.
    * PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Xbox Series X|S users do not need to redeem a registration code, as they are automatically registered for the full version upon purchasing the expansion.

  • Registering the Dawntrail Expansion

    In order to play the Windows®, Steam, or Mac versions of Dawntrail, you must redeem the registration code you received with your purchase. Pre-order bonus codes and registration codes are two different codes. Even if you have registered a pre-order bonus code for early access, you will still need to redeem your Dawntrail registration code to continue playing after the early access period.

    Users on the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, or Xbox Series X|S versions will not need to register a separate code as they are automatically registered for the full version upon purchasing the expansion.

    Read on for details.

    * Dawntrail registration codes can be redeemed on Mog Station starting from Monday, July 1, 2024 at 8:05 a.m. (PDT).
    * Please note that if you have a character logged out in an expansion area that you do not have registered to your account after early access ends then you will not be able to log in with that character until you redeem your full registration code.
    * Early access will end on Friday, July 5, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. with the region of your Square Enix account determining the time zone. North American accounts will adhere to (PDT), European accounts will adhere to (GMT), and Japanese accounts will adhere to (JST).

  • The Board of Turalism invites you to explore

    Planning a trip to Tural? Look no further than for all your travel needs! Discovery, indulgence, and adventure await! Why be a tourist when you can be a Turalist?

    From things to do in Tural, to delicious recipes to try, is your one-stop-site for everything you’ll need to know to prepare for your upcoming trip!

    You’ll even find updates from the Board’s very own Interim Deputy Director of Turalism!

    The Board of Turalism will be updating often, so be sure to check back daily. You never know what you’ll find!

    Travelers can enjoy Dawntrail starting July 2, so book your trip on today!

  • Illustrated Countdown to Dawntrail – 1 Day Left

    Count down the days to the release of Dawntrail with a wonderful new illustration each day, courtesy of the FFXIV Art team!

  • An Update Regarding the Xbox Version Becoming Unresponsive and Other Issues

    Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida would like to share information regarding several issues occurring at the start of Dawntrail early access.

    Read on for details.

  • Illustrated Countdown to Dawntrail – 2 Days Left

    Count down the days to the release of Dawntrail with a wonderful new illustration each day, courtesy of the FFXIV Art team!

  • Illustrated Countdown to Dawntrail – 3 Days Left

    Count down the days to the release of Dawntrail with a wonderful new illustration each day, courtesy of the FFXIV Art team!

  • PvP Series 5 Draws to a Close as Series 6 Begins!

    After myriad battles fought and won, PvP Series 5 has ended. Rewards for Series 5 may be claimed until the end of Series 6.

    For those eager to dive back into the fray, we are pleased to announce that PvP Series 6 has officially begun! The more you play, the more bountiful the rewards, so we encourage all players to try their hand at PvP!

    Read on for details.

  • Crystalline Conflict Season Eleven Results Revealed!

    Crystalline Conflict Season Eleven has drawn to a close! With the conclusion of Season Eleven, a pre-season period will begin with Patch 7.0.

    • To Our Top-ranked Competitors

      Congratulations on a season well fought! Please be sure to collect your hard-earned ranking rewards from your local delivery moogle.
      * Rewards from Season Eleven are scheduled to be delivered after the release of Patch 7.01.
      During the release of Patch 7.0, we are anticipating login congestion as well as high server load resulting from the delivery of in-game items from the Dawntrail Collector’s Edition and pre-order bonuses. As this may impede reward delivery, or cause variations in timing due to server load, we are moving the delivery period to a later timing to ensure rewards are properly delivered.

    • To All Players Ranked Bronze or Higher

      Well fought and good show! Your tier rewards may be claimed by speaking with the seasonal quartermaster at the Wolves' Den Pier (X:4.9 Y:5.7).
      * Please note that Season Eleven tier rewards may be collected until the end of the pre-season. Don't forget to claim your spoils!

    View the results for Season Eleven.

    The end of the pre-season and beginning of Season Twelve will be announced at a later date.

    • Pre-season Rankings

      Tier and riser placements, as well as Crystal Credits, will remain in effect for ranked matches during the pre-season.
      However, the PvP rankings will not be updated, and ranking and tier rewards will not be awarded at the end of the pre-season.

    • Season Twelve Preliminary Rankings

      Players who finish the pre-season above the Bronze tier will begin Season Twelve at Bronze 3 with zero Rising Stars.

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