FINAL FANTASY XIV Updated (Mar. 8)

FINAL FANTASY XIV has been updated.

* Game clients will update automatically upon launch.

[Date & Time]
Mar. 8, 2022 12:38 a.m. (PST)

[Affected Service]

[Update Details]

FINAL FANTASY XIV Hotfixes (Mar. 8, 2022)

■ Account linking between Steam accounts and Square Enix accounts has been implemented for the Steam version.
・Following this maintenance, users will be prompted to log in with the Square Enix account they wish to link when launching the game from the Steam software for the first time.
・The linked Square Enix account will be automatically reflected for subsequent logins.
* Please refer to the following announcement for details regarding account linking:

■ The following issues have been addressed.
・An issue wherein the times displayed for the Jumbo Cactpot drawing were incorrect. (Oceanian data centers only)
・An issue wherein certain ambient sound effects were also played in indoor areas.
・An issue wherein sounds were not properly played with certain system configurations. (Mac only)
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