Regarding the intermittent DDoS attacks since the end of October (Nov. 12)

DDoS attacks are performed by intentionally burdening servers or networks with more accesses than can be processed and they affect services. However, we are employing defensive functions on a daily basis in order to ensure that our equipment and upstream ISPs are affected as minimally as a possible.

There are many instances where these defensive functions block the attacks and prevent services from being affected, but as of October 27th, there have been continual intermittent attacks that use a new pattern, and the DDoS attacks made against the North American data center and upstream ISPs affiliated with the North American data center are particularly intense. When this happens, from several hundred to a maximum of twenty-thousand people get disconnected from the network.

Considering the nature of DDoS attacks, it is difficult to address all possible patterns in advance, so we are working with upstream ISPs to limit the effects on services as much as possible when an attack occurs, and we are preparing ourselves so that we can swiftly reinforce defensive functions as soon as a new attack pattern is detected.

We are aware that users are deeply inconvenienced by this, but we are continuing to employ the greatest possible defenses, so we hope you will continue to enjoy FINAL FANTASY XIV.

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