[Follow-up]Regarding Congestion for Instanced Battle Content: Follow-up

FFXIV Producer and Director Yoshida here.

This is a follow-up regarding difficulty in accessing certain instanced battle content.

The development team has changed the process for dealing with this issue so that as many players as possible can be moved to instanced areas for certain main quests and instanced battles.

As a result, players have become able to transition to instanced areas faster than originally estimated, but at the same time, players are now gathering at certain areas in large numbers, and this is causing the servers go down on some Worlds as a result.

Currently, the development team is making detailed adjustments by adjusting the speed at which players are transferred to instances on each World so that areas no longer continue to go down and to ensure that all players can continue to play as comfortably as possible.

Although these measures were taken to help alleviate the difficulty in transitioning to instances, we apologize about zones going down as a result.

Congestion in the “Rhalgr's Reach” area is especially intense, so to prevent zones from continuously going down, we are carefully controlling the logins to each World and transitions to the Rhalgr's Reach zone. Due to this, it will take some time to log in to any of the Worlds.

Everyone on the team will continue to put in our full effort to ensure everyone can enjoy early access.

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