Regarding the issue wherein an error occurs after beating “The Pool of Tribute” and users are unable to log in (Jun. 18)

We have confirmed an issue wherein if “The Pool of Tribute” is completed while progressing in the main story quest “The Lord of the Revel”, an error may be displayed when returning from the content, and users will be unable to log in again.

Our investigation thus far has revealed that this issue occurs when entering “The Pool of Tribute” while performing an emote action. Due to this, we ask that users please finish their emote actions before entering “The Pool of Tribute”.

*So far, our investigation has shown that this issue occurs most often when using the “/sit”, but it can happen with any emote action.

It has been confirmed that user will be able to log in again by forcefully changing the area in which their character logged out, so we will be doing this as a temporary means of addressing the issue until it is resolved.

We will need to provide support to each character individually, so we ask that user who are currently unable to log in due to this issue to please make a report on forum below.

We will continue to investigate and address the issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing.

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