[Follow-up]Known Issue Occurring after Patch 3.05 (Jul. 23): Follow-up

This is a notice for players who have already traded for “Traders' Favor (Azys Lla)” or “Matron's Favor (Azys Lla)” due to an issue wherein it has become possible to make an exchange for them.

We will be compensating players who have made an exchange for the above items, so please contact us using the in-game support desk with the character that has the item in their inventory.

■How to contact us
・Go to System Menu -> Support & Information -> Support Desk.
・Type “Favor Compensation” in the space below Search FAQs and click on “Search Database”.
・Click “Support Team”.
・Select “In-game” for Question 1.
・Select “Game Master Services” for Question 2.
・Enter “Favor Compensation” as the title.
・Include the following in the body:
 - The name of the Favor for which you traded
 - The date and time that the exchange was made
 *If you already used the Favor for which you traded, please let us know that as well.
・Click “Finish”.
・Click “Send”.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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