FINAL FANTASY XIV Updated (Jan. 23)

FINAL FANTASY XIV was updated at the time below.
* Game clients will update automatically upon launch.

[Date & Time]
Jan. 23, 2019 11:35 p.m. (PST)

[Affected Service]

[Update Details]
◆FINAL FANTASY XIV Hotfixes (Jan. 24,2019)◆

■ The following adjustments have been made to companions:
・ The amount of experience gained by chocobo companions when playing as blue mage has been adjusted. *Adjustment made based on the previous announcement:
・The amount of experience gained by chocobo companions when playing as classes or jobs other than blue mage has been increased to match that of blue mage.
■ The following blue magic actions are now guaranteed to be learned:
 Mind Blast / Glower

■ The server backup function will now display a loading icon and message when the recovery data list is displayed. (PlayStation®4 version only)

■The following issues have been addressed.
・In The Orbonne Monastery, defeating Agrias immediately after players had been relocated to another area would prevent players from leaving the area.
・In The Orbonne Monastery, an extraneous message would appear after the battle against Agrias.
・In The Orbonne Monastery, jumping while being warped would cause a second warp to occur.
・In The Orbonne Monastery, bosses would not be displayed under certain conditions.
・In the Wreath of Snakes and the Wreath of Snakes (Extreme), revived players could be incapacitated by receiving damage under certain circumstances, despite the period of invulnerability afforded after revival.
・In the Wreath of Snakes (Extreme), players would sometimes receive damage despite having evaded the Great Typhoon mechanic.
・In the Howling Eye (Extreme), Feather Rain could not be learned under certain conditions.
・In the Bowl of Embers, Eruption could not be learned.
・In Alexander - The Cuff of the Son, certain conditions during the battle against Vortexer would cause the server to crash.
・The astrologian actions Celestial Opposition and Time Dilation would extend the duration of effects previously applied to another party member while playing as another job.
・The astrologian actions Celestial Opposition and Time Dilation would extend the duration of effects beyond the maximum limit under certain conditions.
・In PvP instances, reviving would reset the action cooldown timer.
・During dungeon instances, characters would sometimes disappear when party members were distanced too far apart from each other.
・During the quest "My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain", dialogue would sometimes not be displayed when talking to certain NPCs.
・During the quest “Makin' Bacon (Bread)”, the Company Belle’s dialogue would no longer reference other quests.
・In the quest “What is it Good For,” J'moldva’s dialogue upon quest completion was incorrect.
・In the quest “Seiryu's Wall,” Arenvald’s dialogue upon quest completion was incorrect.
・In the quest "Uninvited," a certain portion of Cid’s dialogue was incorrect.
・A certain portion of the Wandering Dramaturge's dialogue was incorrect.
・A certain portion of Adkiragh's dialogue was incorrect.
・Placing the Wooden Beam indoor furnishing item would cause the client to crash under certain conditions.
・In the Fishing Log, the habitat information for Pomegranate Trout was incorrect.
・In Doman Mahjong, after a pon or chi, the opponent's hand would incorrectly appear to have more tiles.
・In Doman Mahjong, rankings sometimes would not change despite meeting the required conditions.
・In the Duty Finder, the mahjong section would be displayed incorrectly under certain conditions.
・In Doman Mahjong, extraneous letters would be displayed in the message after aborting a hand.
・Using the abbreviated subcommand for text command /bluespellbook would cause the client to crash.
・The chat log would incorrectly display the World name for the Siren World.
・Using the server backup feature to save new data when all ten saved data slots were full would overwrite the newest slot rather than the oldest. (PlayStation®4 version only)
・Controller vibration was disabled under certain conditions. (PlayStation®4 version only)
・In the Mount Guide and Minion Guide, selecting the 26th result with a gamepad or controller in search results yielding more than 26 results would crash the client.
・The item text for the Flute of the Plume item was incorrect.
・In the description for the blue mage action Bad Breath, the effect rates for damage reduction dealt, Heavy, and Slow were not indicated.
・In the Blue Magic Spellbook, the description of certain abilities were incorrect.
・In the Duty List, the name of the main scenario quest “The Will of the Moon” was displayed in Japanese.
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