Regarding Server Congestion Status (Dec. 3)

Since the start of early access on Dec. 3, 2021, we have been experiencing the highest level of server congestion since the start of FINAL FANTASY XIV's official service, and there is severe congestion on all Worlds.

Due to this congestion, player numbers on every World are at login capacity, and there is a high probability of experiencing extended wait times when logging in.

The login queues are stable, and although they may appear to be moving slowly or the countdown numbers may not seem to be progressing, we have confirmed the queue is steadily moving forward as intended. Login will occur in order, so we kindly ask that you wait until you are logged in. Canceling once you are already in the login queue will put you back at the end of the line again, so please be aware.

In addition, we recently published the Topics article "Regarding Congestion During Endwalker’s Launch" which we hope will provide information as well.

■Regarding Congestion During Endwalker’s Launch

We will continue to monitor the situation so that as many players as possible will be able to enjoy the game.

We apologize for any inconvenience the congestion is causing and thank you for your patience and cooperation.
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