Regarding PVP Restrictions for Free Trial Accounts

Recently we have confirmed persistent incidents of impersonation, spamming, and illicit activity such as clipping into the terrain in Frontline and other PvP content.

Although account terminations are continuously being issued based on player reports and our surveillance system, new incidents of illicit activity were confirmed last weekend in Rival Wings, including cases where machina were flying above the ground. Despite our increased surveillance and rigorous investigations of the situation, these malicious violations of the user agreement have had a significant impact on PvP content and continues to be a major disturbance to normal gameplay.

These persistent incidents involve a small number of individuals obtaining and exploiting more than 100 free trial accounts while intentionally changing their devices and setup. While we are considering systemic countermeasures, implementing them will require some time.

Therefore, as a temporary emergency measure, we will be restricting free trial accounts from participating in PvP content.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who are playing on free trial accounts. This restriction will be lifted after countermeasures have been implemented, so we ask for your continued patience and understanding.

The FFXIV development and operations teams will continue to take action against violations of the user agreement in order to ensure that players can enjoy the game. We apologize for the inconvenience and concern this may cause, and ask that you report any incidents of harassment or illicit activity through the in-game support desk.
■ How to File a Report
Reports may be submitted from the “Contact Us” tab within the “System” > “Support Desk” menu.
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