[Important]Be Wary of Suspicious Links on Twitch

In the past few weeks we have seen a surge of imitation, or “look alike,” accounts pretending to be the official FINAL FANTASY XIV account on Twitch. As a reminder, our official Twitch account is located at and is listed on our official websites and the game launcher. The official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch account will also feature the “Verified User” checkmark next to the channel name.

These imitations will typically create account names that are similar to our own, but change one or two letters in minor ways to try to avoid detection. In addition to mimicking our official account, these fraudulent accounts have also been impersonating members of the player community. Most of the efforts are focused on trying to get users to click on malicious websites designed to look like the Square Enix Account Management System or Mog Station in an effort to steal user account credentials.

[Tips on Spotting Phishing Attempts]
In the past, we created a list of examples to help users spot these types of phishing attempts. We suggest that you read it over to familiarize yourself with the various methods malicious entities may attempt to capture login credentials. Reviewing these suggestions and being cautious with your account credentials online are great steps to take to help keep your information safe.

Warning Regarding Phishing Emails/Messages

We want to remind our players to be wary of accounts that offer promises of in-game rewards/benefits by clicking specific links and signing into their Square Enix accounts. If you believe you logged into one of these fraudulent websites, we suggest performing a virus scan to check for malicious programs, removing any if found, and then updating your account password and information.

We have reached out to Twitch to work with them regarding these recent attacks and we will continue to do so. We also encourage users to report any suspicious accounts using the Twitch report feature to bring it to their attention much quicker. Similarly, we ask that you please refrain from sharing any links to these fraudulent accounts in public channels to avoid the possibility of other users visiting harmful websites inadvertently.

[Secure Your Account with a One-Time Password]
Users are also encouraged to secure their Square Enix accounts with a Square Enix one-time password to add an additional layer of security to their account. Follow the link to learn more about setting up a one-time password and securing your account:

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