Changes to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store Gifting Feature

The process for gifting optional items on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store has been updated as of Tuesday, October 25, 2022. This change was implemented as a countermeasure against fraudulent purchases made using the previous version of the gifting feature, as we confirmed instances of gift codes being purchased for the purpose of resale, as well as real-life criminal activity where purchases were potentially made using stolen credit card information.

With the new gifting feature, certain items may be purchased as a gift for friends on your friend list and automatically delivered to them via the moogle delivery service on your behalf.

We anticipate that even with this update, third parties will continue their attempts to sell fraudulently obtained items at lower prices by temporarily registering the buyer on their friend list. However, the new gift service tracks the individual who purchased an item, as well as who it was gifted to. Should we determine a purchase to be fraudulent, the gift may be deleted even if it has already been delivered via the moogle delivery service.

As a reminder, should you accept a gift purchased via fraudulent means, the item(s) may be deleted, and your account may be subject to penalties for taking part in real money trading (RMT).

* Items that can only be used once per character have been excluded from the gifting feature to avoid the possibility of the recipient having already used the item before. Please refer to the Gifts for Friends Guidelines before purchasing items as a gift.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue to implement countermeasures against fraudulent activity.

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