During a Frontline shatter campaign, players aid their company by retrieving data from Allagan tomeliths, as well as defeating other players in battle.


Time Limit
Level Requirement

20 minutes

Job level 30

Abandoning Matches

Players who abandon a Frontline campaign (not including players who join a match in progress or are vote kicked) will receive a penalty. Players so penalized will be unable to use the Duty Finder for 30 minutes.
Players inactive for over a period of two minutes will automatically be removed from play.

Entry Requirements

The Fields of Glory (Shatter)

Role Requirements
Number of Participants
Grand Company


* Players can freely change jobs or classes at their Grand Company's landing.

One to four players.

Unrestricted Parties Not Allowed

Enlistment in a Grand Company

* Players will be randomly assigned to one of the three Grand Company teams.

Players can queue to enter Frontline campaigns alone, or in a party of up to four players. Please note there are no role restrictions when queuing as a party.


The Say, Party, Alliance, Yell, Shout, Free Company, Linkshell, Cross-world Linkshell, PvP Team, and Novice Network chat channels can be used during Frontline.
* Say, Yell, and Shout can only be used with players on the same team.


Incapacitated players will be returned to their Grand Company's landing, where they will be allowed to rejoin combat after a short delay. This will not incur a weakness penalty.

Furthermore, players will be invulnerable while within their Grand Company's landing, and will not incur any status ailments applied by enemy players. This invulnerability lasts for 15 seconds after leaving the landing.


Players are free to use mounts during Frontline campaigns. However, players taking damage while mounted will be afflicted with the Limp status effect.
* Flying mounts cannot be used to fly during Frontline campaigns. Furthermore, party members may not ride pillion on two-person mounts.


Using Return will teleport players back to their landing point. Moreover, this action has no recast time during Frontline campaigns. Please note, however, casting will be interrupted by attacks.


Items cannot be used during a Frontline campaign.

Victory Conditions and Accumulating Data

Rules of Engagement

The first team to accumulate the required amount of data will be declared the winner, and the remaining teams will be ranked according to their respective ratings.

Accumulating Data

Occupying Allagan Tomeliths

Allagan tomeliths will be either “Unoccupied” or “Occupied” depending on whether or not a Grand Company has occupied them. If a player occupies an unoccupied tomelith, its status will change from Unoccupied to Occupied. If the tomelith is already occupied by an opposing faction, accessing the tomelith will change its status to Unoccupied. Tomeliths are Unoccupied when they change from inactive to active.

Destroying Icebound Tomeliths

Icebound tomeliths will be inactive at the start of the campaign, and will activate at random after a fixed amount of time. The data from these tomeliths can be collected by attacking them, and once they are destroyed, data will be rewarded to each Grand Company based on the amount of damage inflicted.

Active icebound tomeliths will be either large or small, with large tomeliths containing more data.

Large Icebound Tomelith
Small Icebound Tomelith

An icon will appear on the map 30 seconds before an icebound tomelith activates.

Engaging Opposing Teams

By defeating players from opposing teams, players can retrieve data while at the same time decreasing the amount of data the opposing team holds.

Advanced Rules

Limit Break

Combat rank bonuses will also affect the rate at which the limit gauge fills.

Rank Rate
1st Fills 0.75 times faster
2nd None
3rd Fills 1.25 times faster

Battle High

Battle High is a status that increases damage dealt and HP restored by healing actions according to a player's knockouts and assists. The maximum rating is 100, and for every increment of 20, the status increases in strength. Being incapacitated will reduce the rating by half.

Status Rating Effect
Battle High I 20 to 39 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 10%.
Battle High II 40 to 59 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 20%.
Battle High III 60 to 79 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 30%.
Battle High IV 80 to 99 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 40%.
Battle High V 100 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 50%.

Each player's Battle High gauge indicates their current rating.

A player's Battle High status is indicated with an icon on their nameplate, which changes according to the rank of their Battle High.

Player Icons

All players engaged in combat will appear on the map and minimap when nearby.

Damage Modifiers

Damage dealt and damage taken in Frontline campaigns are adjusted based on your current job.

Job Damage Dealt Damage Taken
Paladin - -60%
Warrior - -60%
Dark Knight - -60%
Gunbreaker - -60%
Monk - -60%
Dragoon - -60%
Ninja - -60%
Samurai - -60%
Reaper - -60%
Bard - -30%
Machinist - -30%
Dancer - -30%
Black Mage - -30%
Summoner -10% -30%
Red Mage - -30%
White Mage -10% -30%
Scholar -10% -30%
Astrologian - -30%
Sage - -30%