All duties associated with the Feast have been unavailable with the release of Patch 6.1. It is not possible to participate in the Feast at this time.

The Feast is a PvP arena in which the main objective is to steal your opponent's medals. The winner of these matches is determined by whichever team has the most at the end of each match. Individual PvP rating and tiers will also be assigned to players and the highest-ranked participants of each season will be awarded a special prize.


Time Limit6 minutes
Level RequirementJob level 30

Abandoning Matches

Players who abandon a match will receive a penalty. Players so penalized will be unable to register for Frontline campaigns or the Wolves' Den for 30 minutes. Players inactive for over a period of two minutes will automatically be removed from play.
* Please note the penalty count for abandoning duties is shared for PvP and PvE.

A penalty will not be incurred under the following circumstances:
Players who are vote kicked from the match.
Players who leave when the remaining number of party members is less than the required number.

Entry Requirements

The Feast is divided into multiple arenas, for each of which ratings will differ.

Role Requirements
Number of Participants
Tank: 1
Melee DPS: 1
Ranged DPS: 1
Healer: 1
One player
Ratings will change

Role Requirements
Number of Participants
Tank: 1
Melee DPS: 1
Ranged DPS: 1
Healer: 1
One to two players

Role Requirements
Number of Participants
Tank: 1
Melee DPS: 1
Ranged DPS: 1
Healer: 1
Four players
(team members only)
Ratings will change


Tank: Paladin / Warrior / Dark Knight / Gunbreaker
Melee DPS: Monk / Dragoon / Ninja / Samurai
Ranged DPS: Bard / Machinist / Dancer / Black Mage / Summoner / Red Mage
Healer: White Mage / Scholar / Astrologian

* New members cannot be added during matches.


Crystal Tower Training Grounds


The Feasting Grounds

The Crystal Tower Training Grounds map will be automatically selected upon commencing a training or ranked match. When joining a custom match, however, players may choose their desired map.

Preparing for Battle

The Feast participants will be placed on one of two teams: the Claws or the Fangs. Players will then begin the match in their teams' respective cages (landing point). Matches will begin after a 60-second countdown.
* If, for some reason, a player is unable to join and the minimum party requirements are not met when the duty commences, all members in the party will be automatically removed from the duty.


All chat channels are disabled when participating in a PvP match. However, players can still communicate with one another using the Quick Chat feature. Quick Chat messages, found under the Quick Chat tab of the PvP Profile window, can be registered to your hotbar and will display in party chat when activated. The Feast (Team Ranked Match) allows the use of Party and PvP Team chat.
* Players can receive but not send messages via free company chat, linkshell chat, cross-world linkshell chat, PvP team chat, or the Novice Network.

Name Display Settings

Unlike other PvP challenges, your character's name will display as is in the name settings.


Incapacitated players will be allowed to rejoin combat after a short delay from their team's starting area. This will not incur a weakness penalty. Furthermore, players' MP will be fully restored and they will be granted temporary invulnerability.

Joining the Feast

Rules of Engagement

Victory is achieved in one of two ways: be the first team to hold the requisite number of medals, or be the team holding the most medals when the time limit for the match expires. If a winner is not decided in the allotted time, the match will enter a "Sudden Death" period, wherein the victor will be decided.

* If neither team obtains a medal by the end of sudden death, the match will end in a draw.


Every player receives medals at the beginning of the match. Players that have been defeated by a member of the opposing team will drop half the medals in their possession. By moving over dropped medals, players can claim them as their own. Should the dropped medals for some reason go uncollected, they will vanish after a set period of time and be returned to the player that was originally in possession of them.

* Only medals dropped by members of the opposing team can be collected.

Medal Limit

There is a limit to the number of medals that can be held by a participant depending on their role.

Role Maximum Medals



Melee DPS


Physical Ranged DPS

Magical Ranged DPS




* When a participant picks up medals, any that exceed the limit will reappear at that location.
* The maximum number of medals that can be held by a participant includes any medals they have dropped after being KO'd that remain on the map. They will be unable to claim any more medals from fallen opponents until their total number of medals falls below the maximum.


The icon representing dropped medals will differ depending on the number of medals, and whether the player is able to claim those medals.

  • Small (1 to 25 medals)

  • Medium (26 to 50 medals)

  • Large (51 to 75 medals)

  • 76 to 100 medals

  • Cannot claim due to reaching the maximum

Display Name

An icon will appear next to players' names indicating their job. The number of medals in their possession will also be displayed.

Disconnecting or Leaving a Match

In the event a player's connection is lost or they leave the area at the start of a match, all medals in their possession will be dropped at the landing point.
In the event a player's connection is lost or they leave the area during an ongoing match, all medals in their possession will be dropped where they stood. These medals can be claimed by a member of the opposing team.
If the player's connection is reestablished and the medals have not yet been claimed, they will automatically be returned to the player.

* In the event of a server crash, ongoing matches will be voided and will have no effect on player rankings and ratings.

The Feast Score

Players have the option to use the Feast Score HUD.

  1. 1. Time Remaining
  2. 2. Team Crest (PvP team only)
  3. 3. Team Name
  4. 4. Class/Job Icons
  5. 5. Medals Held
  6. 6. Team

The color used to display the number of medals for each participant will change according to the number held.

Number Held Color
99 or fewer Blue
100 White
101 or more Red
Maximum medals held Orange

Each team's name and crest are displayed in the Feast (Team Ranked Match) and The Wolves' Den (Custom Team).

Party List

In the Feast, both teams' party lists are displayed.

  1. 1. Team Name
  2. 2. Marks (When set)
  3. 3. Class/Job Icons
  4. 4. Progress Bar (Displayed in place of character name)
  5. 5. HP
  6. 6. MP
  7. 7. Adrenaline Rush Recast Timer
  8. 8. Additional Action Recast Timers (Up to two)
  9. 9. Status Effects (Displays up to 10)
  10. 10. Character Names

Sudden Death

If both teams possess the same number of medals at the six minute mark, the match will enter a two minute "Sudden Death" period. The first team to obtain a medal will win the match. In the event neither team can obtain a medal during this period, the match will end in a draw.

As time progresses, participants will also be afflicted by "Culling Time," which will accumulate stacks as follows:

Time Stack
0 seconds 1
15 seconds 2
30 seconds 3
45 seconds 4
60 seconds 5

* If Sudden Death is triggered during Culling Time, the stacking debuff will be reset.
* The effects of Sudden Death will continue even if a player is KO'd.
* Supply boxes will not spawn during Sudden Death.

Advanced Rules

Supply Boxes and Kits

A variety of supply boxes can be found in the Feast. By targeting and destroying these boxes, players will be able to obtain supply kits, which offer various beneficial effects. The effect of a kit can only be gained by the team member who inflicted the most damage on the supply box.

Supply Box Kit Effect
Wolf's Heart Wolf's Heart Kit Restores MP over time (2% of maximum MP per second)
Increases Movement Speed by 10%
Duration: 1 minute
Adrenaline Adrenaline Kit Fills 25% of adrenaline gauge

* The movement speed increase will not stack with other movement speed boosts.

Culling Time

During the match, if a certain amount of time elapses without a player being KO'd, then all participants will be afflicted by "Culling Time"─a detrimental status effect that causes players to receive added damage from attacks. The extra damage from attacks with "Culling Time" will continue to increase over time. This effect will cease to increase once a player has been KO'd, with Culling Time and the disruptions in weather caused by this status ending immediately.

Time Stack Damage Taken
0-90 seconds - -
90-105 seconds 1 10%
105-120 seconds 2 20%
120-135 seconds 3 30%
135-150 seconds 4 40%
Over 150 seconds 5 50%

Time is reset when a player is KO'd.

PvP Ratings

A player's PvP rating is a value that represents their relative skill compared to other participants of the Feast. PvP ratings will only be affected by ranked matches, increasing with each match won and decreasing with each match lost by the player. Should any of these matches result in a tie, PvP ratings will remain unaffected.
Duty Finder will match participants based upon their PvP ratings. To prevent any large disparities between teams from occurring, players will be distributed so the average rating of both sides will be equal.

* Players with a PvP rating of less than 250 will remain unaffected by losses.
* Players who experience a loss of connection, log out, or quit during the middle of a match or promotion qualifier will lose by default, resulting in a decrease of their rating. However, should a player reconnect before results are tallied, their rating will increase or decrease based on the results of the match.
* In the event of a server crash, ongoing matches will be voided, and will have no effect on player rankings and Wolf Marks.
* PvP ratings will be reset when transferring to other Worlds.


A player's tier represents their standing in the hierarchy of the Feast, and is determined by the player's PvP rating. There are five tiers in total. When a season ends, players will receive rewards based on their tier placement.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Promotion Qualifiers

To advance to higher tiers, players must participate in promotion qualifiers. Once the requisite PvP rating has been reached, players will earn the right to fight in up to five promotion qualifiers. At least three of these matches must be won in order to advance to the next tier. Progress can be monitored by selecting PvP Profile located under Character in the main menu.

* PvP ratings may still increase or decrease when participating in promotion qualifiers.
* In the event of a tie, the match will not be counted during promotion qualifiers.
* In the event a player's PvP rating drops below the minimum required for the current tier, that player will be demoted to the next lower tier. However, players cannot be demoted lower than bronze.


A season refers to the set period within which participants of the Feast must strive to achieve the highest possible PvP rating and tier. At the end of each season, players will receive rewards based on their final tier. Participants that fulfill certain conditions will also be eligible to receive special season bonuses. PvP ratings, tiers, and rankings may carry over to subsequent seasons, in which case an announcement will be made on the Lodestone.

Carrying Over PvP Ratings and Tiers

The manner in which player ratings and tiers are carried over from the previous season varies depending on whether players are entering a preseason or regular season.

Entering Preseason

  • Player tiers and ratings will carry over as-is.
  • Player tiers and ratings will continue to change based on their preseason performance.

Entering Regular Season

  • Starting tiers and ratings will be determined by player tiers at the end of the previous season.
Previous Season Tier Starting Tier and Rating
Diamond Gold (1,000)
Platinum Silver (500)
Gold Bronze (250)
Silver or Lower None (0)

* Players who do not participate in the previous season will have their tier and rating reset.

The Feast Rankings

A list of PvP rankings, highest ratings, and highest tier for all players during that season will be made available on the Lodestone. The page will be updated daily, allowing players to more easily gauge their overall progress in the Feast. Logging into the Lodestone will allow you to select a character and readily view their ranking, highest rating, and highest tier in that season of the Feast. The page also includes a graph showing your progress over the past seven days, with the threshold for promotion qualifying matches separated by color. The rating of the top-ranked player is included on the graph to help gauge your progress.

* Rankings will begin with every new season, and will be made viewable on the Lodestone the day after the season begins.
* Rankings will not be updated during preseason.
* The rankings up to and including Season Five are based on the ratings at the end of the season, rather than the players' highest rating during the season.

Custom Matches

With the requisite number of players present, you can initiate custom matches.


While the general rules of engagement and victory requirements are the same as those in a regular match in the Feast, players may participate in custom matches starting from level 30, and are free to change between jobs prior to the start of the match.
* The results of a custom match will not be reflected on player PvP profiles, nor will they count toward achievements.
* Players will not receive PvP EXP when participating in custom matches. Furthermore, PvP ratings will not increase or decrease.


When a custom match has ended, both parties will be given the option to begin anew with the same parties. All members from both parties must select Accept Rematch before a new match can begin. Using this option, parties may engage in up to five matches before they must leave the instance.


The following chat channels are available during custom matches:

  • Party (Quick Chat enabled)
  • Shout
  • Free Company
  • Novice Network
  • Linkshell
  • PvP Team Chat

* Both combatants and spectators can freely use the abovementioned chat channels.
* The Say, Yell, Tell, and Alliance chat channels cannot be used.
* Use of the Free Company, Linkshell, PvP Team, and Novice Network channels also pertains to communication with players outside of the instance.

Registering for Custom Matches

Recruiting Players

After selecting Recruit Members in the Party Finder, select the Custom Match tab of the Recruitment Criteria window.

Recruitment for the Fangs, the Claws, and spectators and can be done simultaneously, though a spectators group is not required. Please be advised the player recruiting for a custom match will always be assigned to the Claws.

Both the party list and alliance list can be used to check recruitment status. A list of all party members can be viewed in the Social window.


When viewing the list of parties in the Party Finder, icons representing the Claws, the Fangs, and spectators will be displayed rather than party roles. These icons will indicate whether or not each party is full.

Select a custom match to view its details and choose whether you wish to join as a combatant or spectator.

Starting the Match

When the Claws and the Fangs are assembled, and you have finished recruiting spectators, you can register for the custom match directly via the Duty Finder.

Spectator Mode

Players also have the option to spectate custom matches. Once initiated, players will be unable to see their own characters, but instead utilize a dedicated interface to operate the camera and observe the match from various angles and positions.

Camera Controls

Spectators will have access to three types of cameras.

Free Camera
Spectators can move freely around the arena using regular movement controls.
Fixed Cameras
Spectators can switch between several cameras in fixed locations around the arena. Doing so will focus on the player closest to the selected camera. Pressing any movement key will switch back to the free camera.
Player Cameras
Spectators can view matches from the perspective of combatants, the camera following their selected player around the arena. To do so, select a character from the party list to activate the player camera. Pressing any movement key will switch back to the free camera.

Players can switch between cameras using the following controls:

Camera Type Key/Button
Fixed Camera F1 - F8
Player Camera (4 on 4 match) Team Claw: 1 - 4
Team Fang: 5 - 8

Spectator UI

Spectator mode employs a unique UI to display match information and switch between cameras, allowing players to better enjoy the match.

Camera Menu
This menu contains the following features.
  1. 1. Switch Camera
    Switch between eight cameras placed on the arena.
    * Press LT(L2) or RT(R2) to switch between cameras using a gamepad.
  2. 2. Display Menu
    Use this menu to access the following subcommands:
Open Map
Displays a map showing the location of all fixed cameras and combatants on the field.
View Spectators
Displays a list of all players spectating the current match.

* The spectators list can be accessed via the Duty Menu window.

Leave the custom match and quit spectating.

* Spectating players will be removed from the instance when there are no remaining combatants.

PvP Teams

PvP teams are formed by the players to take part in the Feast ranked matches, with team ratings given according to performance.

Creating a PvP Team

Access the team board at Wolves' Den Pier.

This will allow you to create a team and view explanations of the team system.

PvP Team Requirements

You must fulfill these requirements before you can create a PvP team.

・In a party of four to six players (cross-world parties allowed)
・All party members have access to PvP instances

* Players may only belong to one PvP team at a time.
* Players on the free trial cannot join a PvP team.

PvP Team Name

When creating a PvP team, a name must be chosen. Names already taken on that data center cannot be used.

Confirming PvP Team Creation

Once a name has been chosen, a confirmation prompt will appear for all party members, including the leader.

All party members must give their approval for the team to be created.

* As the party leader is the one who creates the PvP team, they automatically become the team leader.

PvP Team Menu

Select PvP Team from the Social menu to access a variety of functions and information relating to the PvP team.

Team Rating

Team rating is a numerical value that indicates the relative strength of a PvP team. This value will increase or decrease based on performance in the Feast (Team Ranked). To register, a party of 4 members from the same PvP team must first be formed.

Team Rank

Team rank is determined by a team's current rating. Rank will rise and fall as the team's rating does.

Member Authorization

The PvP team leader can promote one team member to subleader. Leaders and subleaders are authorized to perform certain actions not available to regular team members.

Authorization Team Leader Subleader
Invite Members Yes Yes
Dismiss Members Yes Yes
Disband Team Yes No
Change Team Name Yes Yes
Edit Crest Yes Yes
Promote to Subleader Yes No
Demote from Subleader Yes No

* Regular team members are not authorized to perform any of these actions.

If the team leader does not log in for 90 days (Earth time), the subleader will automatically become the team leader.
* If no subleader has been chosen, the longest serving team member will become the team leader.

Inviting and Dismissing Team Members

Inviting New Team Members
You can invite team members using any of the following methods:
・Target a character and use the "Invite to PvP Team" subcommand.
・After forming a party or cross-world party, select "Party Members" from the Party menu and use the "Invite to PvP Team" subcommand.
・Select Player Search from the Social menu and use the "Invite to PvP Team" subcommand.
・Select a player in the Contact List window, then use the "Invite to PvP Team" subcommand.
Dismissing Team Members
・Select Members from the PvP Team menu and use the "Dismiss from PvP Team" subcommand.

If a member of a PvP team changes their Home World in the same data center, they will remain a member of the team after the transfer is completed. If a team member changes to a Home World in a different data center, they will be removed from the team after a certain period of time.
* The transfer of PvP team members between data centers may be adjusted in a future update.

It is no longer possible for players to join a PvP team once a season has started.
Please ensure that any new members are fully registered before the season begins.

Disbanding a PvP Team

This function is available from the Status tab of the PvP Team menu.

The disbanding of a PvP Team will be determined by vote. Only players logged in at the time may vote.

A majority vote is required for a PvP team to be disbanded.
* Any offline team members will be counted as having voted against disbanding the PvP team.

Automatic Disbandment

If the PvP team leader does not log in for 90 days, the subleader will be automatically promoted to leader. If the subleader is ineligible for any reason, the longest-serving member will be promoted to leader.

Any team members who have not logged in for 90 days will be ineligible for promotion to leader. In the event that there are no members who have logged in for the last 90 days, that PvP team will be automatically disbanded.

* The 90 day period is counted from the day the team was formed.

PvP Team Season

A season refers to the set period within which teams participating in the Feast must strive to achieve the highest possible rating. Participating teams that fulfill certain conditions will also be eligible to receive special season bonuses at the end of the season.
* Unlike solo PvP seasons, there are only ranking rewards.

PvP Team Ranking

Rankings based on each team's highest rating achieved during the season are displayed on the Lodestone, and are updated daily. Logging in to the Lodestone allows you to view the rating and ranking of your PvP team, as well as a graph displaying its progress over the past week. The graph also shows the rating of the top ranked team, and if your team's rating is close enough, both teams' information will be displayed simultaneously.