World Visit System

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The following guide describes how to use the World Visit System, introduced in Patch 4.57.


The World Visit System allows you to travel freely between the Worlds in your data center.

Your character may travel to other Worlds and create parties with friends, trade items, and take part in duties. However, certain features are only available while your character is on its Home World.

Visiting Other Worlds

The World Visit System can be accessed from Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, or Gridania. In some cases, you may have to wait before your request to transfer can be processed. When your character is ready to be transferred, a window will automatically appear to inform you.

Follow the steps below to visit another World.

1Select "Visit Another World Server" from the aetheryte in Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, or Gridania.

This option is only available from the central aetheryte, not Aethernet shards.

2Select the World you wish to visit.

A list of Worlds on each data center can be found here.

* Your Home World and current World are displayed in this menu.
* Only Worlds that you can visit will appear.

3Respond to the confirmation window to send your request.

Select "OK" to proceed.

* In some cases you will need to wait for the transfer to be processed. If so, a window will appear to inform you of the expected time until completion and your position in the queue.

4The transfer begins automatically.

After the World Visit window appears, you will be automatically transferred to your destination World.

* Once this window appears, the transfer cannot be canceled.

5Your character will appear in the destination World.


1. You may only visit Worlds on the same data center as your Home World.

Please refer to the following list to see which Worlds your character can visit.

Worlds on Each Data Center
Data CenterHome World
ElementalAegis, Atomos, Carbuncle, Garuda, Gungnir, Kujata, Ramuh, Tonberry, Typhon, Unicorn
GaiaAlexander, Bahamut, Durandal, Fenrir, Ifrit, Ridill, Tiamat, Ultima, Valefor, Yojimbo, Zeromus
ManaAnima, Asura, Belias, Chocobo, Hades, Ixion, Mandragora, Masamune, Pandaemonium, Shinryu, Titan
AetherAdamantoise, Cactuar, Faerie, Gilgamesh, Jenova, Midgardsormr, Sargatanas, Siren
PrimalBehemoth, Excalibur, Exodus, Famfrit, Hyperion, Lamia, Leviathan, Ultros
CrystalBalmung, Brynhildr, Coeurl, Diabolos, Goblin, Malboro, Mateus, Zalera
ChaosCerberus, Louisoix, Moogle, Omega, Ragnarok, Spriggan
LightLich, Odin, Phoenix, Shiva, Twintania, Zodiark
MateriaBismarck, Ravana, Sephirot, Sophia, Zurvan

2. While awaiting transfer, certain features will be unavailable.

Depending on the congestion of the target World, it may take several minutes to complete the transfer. The following features cannot be used during this time:

Unavailable While Waiting

・Moving to other areas or using Aethernets
・Entering duties

3. Once a transfer begins, it cannot be canceled.

After the World Visit window appears, you will no longer be able to cancel the transfer. If you wish to remain in the World from which you are transferring, you must wait for the transfer to be completed, and use the World Visit System to return once you arrive at your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I return to my Home World?
A: To return to your Home World, you must use the World Visit System.
* From the list of Worlds in the World Visit menu, select your Home World to return.
Q: Is there a limit to how long I can visit another World?
A: There are no such limits.
Q: If I enter a duty while visiting another World, where will my character be sent when the duty is over?
A: Your character will be returned to the World you are visiting.
Q: What happens if I log out while visiting another World?
A: You will return to that World when you log back in.
Q: Can I join a party while waiting to visit another World?
A: You may only join a cross-world party when selecting a destination World or waiting to visit another World.
* Cross-world parties can be formed via the party finder, or by forming a party directly with another player from another World.

Recognizing Characters from Other Worlds

A character who is visiting from another World will be marked as a Wanderer, which will be included in their display name.


Although most of the game's features can be used while visiting another World, there are certain restrictions.

Moogle Delivery Service・The Moogle Delivery Service is unavailable, but you will receive a notification when logging in to the World that you are visiting when a letter has arrived.
* Notifications for letters from GMs will be displayed instantaneously, not only when logging in.
* All notifications received when visiting another World will be indicated with the red letter icon.
* You must return to your Home World to receive moogle letters.
Retainers・Retainers cannot be summoned, hired, or released from service.
・The following quests can only be accepted from your Home World:
An Ill-conceived Venture (Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah)
Markets・ Items cannot be put up to market (purchasing is available).
* The FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion App can be used to put items on the market even when your character is visiting another World.
Free Company・Free companies cannot be created, formed, or joined.
・Free company information cannot be viewed.
・Login status of free company members will be displayed in the chat log as usual.
・Company credits cannot be earned.
・The effects of company actions will not be applied while you are visiting another World.
・Free company chat can be used as normal.
Linkshell・Linkshells cannot be used.
・Linkshell information cannot be viewed.
・Linkshells cannot be created, joined, or quit.
Other Social Features・You can use cross-world linkshells.
・You can use PvP Team chat.
・If you use the Novice Network, you will automatically join the Novice Network of the World you are visiting.
Housing・Estates and apartments cannot be purchased.
・Residence sharing is unavailable.
・The following quests can only be accepted from your Home World:
Bird in Hand
Eternal Bond・Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding are unavailable.
・Eternal Bonding quests are unavailable.
・Others' ceremonies cannot be attended.
Gold Saucer・Lord of Verminion tournaments cannot be entered.
・Triple Triad tournaments cannot be entered.
・Cactpot tickets cannot be purchased.
Deep Dungeon・Deep Dungeon results will not be saved to leaderboards.
Teleport・Eternity Rings may only be used when both players are on the same World.
・You can only use an Aetheryte Pendulum to teleport to the nearest aetheryte if both players are on the same World.
・You can only teleport to a friend's estate when you are on their Home World.
Miner and Botanist・Legendary and unspoiled gathering nodes are inaccessible.
Calamity salvager・Belts cannot be retrieved from the Calamity salvager.
Others・Bonuses will not be applied for visiting new or preferred Worlds.
・If you are eligible for new or preferred World bonuses in your Home World, these will still apply when visiting another World.
・You cannot apply for a Home World Transfer while visiting another World.
・You cannot delete your character when it is visiting another World.
・If you wish to change the name of your character or a retainer while visiting another World, you will not be able to select a name that is already being used in that World.

Using the FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion App While Visiting a World

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion App can still be used to organize your inventory and sell items on the market while your character is using the World Visit System. However, there are some restrictions.

Retainers・You cannot sell or discard items held by a retainer.
・You cannot move the items in your inventory, armoury chest, or chocobo saddlebag to or from a retainer.
Markets・You can purchase items from the market while visiting another World.
・You can list items held by a retainer on the market, but you cannot list items in your inventory or chocobo saddlebag.