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Seventh Umbral Era Main Scenario Quests

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Title Area Level
Close to Home Gridania 1
Close to Home Gridania 1
Close to Home Gridania 1
Close to Home Limsa Lominsa 1
Close to Home Limsa Lominsa 1
Close to Home Ul'dah 1
Close to Home Ul'dah 1
Close to Home Ul'dah 1
To the Bannock Gridania 4
On to Summerford Limsa Lominsa 4
We Must Rebuild Ul'dah 4
Passing Muster Central Shroud 5
Chasing Shadows Central Shroud 5
Dressed to Call Middle La Noscea 5
Lurkers in the Grotto Middle La Noscea 5
Nothing to See Here Central Thanalan 5
Underneath the Sultantree Central Thanalan 5
An Eft for Effort Central Shroud 6
Washed Up Middle La Noscea 7
Step Nine Central Thanalan 6
Eggs over Queasy Central Shroud 7
Double Dealing Middle La Noscea 8
Disorderly Conduct Central Thanalan 7
Surveying the Damage Central Shroud 8
Further Afield Middle La Noscea 6
Until a Quieter Time Central Thanalan 8
Prudence at This Junction Central Thanalan 8
Butcher of Greentear Central Shroud 9
A Soldier's Breakfast Central Shroud 9
Spirithold Broken Central Shroud 9
Loam Maintenance Middle La Noscea 9
Plowshares to Swords Middle La Noscea 9
Just Deserts Middle La Noscea 9
Out of House and Home Central Thanalan 9
Spriggan Cleaning Central Thanalan 9
Way Down in the Hole Central Thanalan 9
On to Bentbranch Gridania 10
Feeding Time Central Shroud 10
You Shall Not Trespass Central Shroud 10
Sky-high Limsa Lominsa 10
Courier for a Day Middle La Noscea 10
Takin' What They're Givin' Ul'dah 10
Supply and Demands Western Thanalan 10
Give It to Me Raw Western Thanalan 10
Don't Look Down Central Shroud 11
In the Grim Darkness of the Forest Central Shroud 11
Threat Level Elevated Central Shroud 11
Thanks a Million Middle La Noscea 11
Farmer of Fortune Western La Noscea 11
Relighting the Torch Western La Noscea 11
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